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Another Great Down

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From my friend Tony

"Othmar Schneider, Ski School Director at Boyne Mountain Michigan for 17 years. RIP"


From me

"Othmar left big shoes for Tony to fill. Tony id it well! Stein set the tradition before either. Not bad company Mr. Sendlhofer! Merry Christmas to you and Andrea."


From another old time Boyne Instructor

"He was a truly awesome Boyne Ski School Director/ Personality with the showmanship we all loved so much! He created Dynamic Prestige for Boyne and the Famous Boyne Austrian Ski School that catapulted Boyne into a highly desired destination resort! "

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It's sad when one of these legends passes away, but I doubt they would want us to dwell on the sadness. Like many others, Othmar blazed a path that illuminated what might someday be possible in this wonderful sport. For that, he and all the others should be celebrated.

Rest in peace, Othmar.

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