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Mantra vs Shogun

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Background:  I'm 26 and have been skiing for 22 years for the first 17 exclusively on the east coast mostly upstate NY, Vermont, and Canada, But for the past 5 years I've been going to Colorado at least 2 times a season. I'm 5'11" and 160 lbs aggressive hard charging skier  that loves screaming down groomers, doesn't mind some crud, and slows it down just a bit for the extremely steep. However recently I've wanted to get into the trees, bumps, and more powder onto something that's more lively and user friendly in those conditions,  than my current 2006 170cm Rossignol z9 TI. When I get into the trees or bumps or where ever there is powder with the it feels too stiff and very resistant to turning in these conditions. 


I can get great deals on Salomon and Volkl ski's and the Shogun and Mantra appear to fit what I want: 98-100mm under foot with camber, and tip rocker. I still want to be able to scream down groomers but I also want something nimble with enough float for powder and trees. Of these two skis which would you recommend?


Also what length would you recommend for someone my height and weight given that I'm not very heavy. I'm torn between the 170 and 177 for the Mantra,  and the 173 and a 182 for the Shogun.  


your help is greatly appreciated.


- John 

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I am 6'4 185 and i have 191 salomon shoguns.


This is the best ski I have ever skied and I think you will love the 182 shoguns. The ski is extremly stable at high speeds down groomers and is incredibly lively and seems to bounce from turn to turn. My old skis were K2 Apache Recons and I didnt like them because they were very heavy and damp.


I enjoy skiing the shoguns in moguls due to their liveliness and rebound off the bumps. They are awesome in powder and are wide enough and stable enough to power through any crud. The 191 cm length is sometimes tough in tight trees but I usually manage fine.


For you the 183 will be more stable at high speeds but the 173 will be better in the trees. There is a trade off but i always go longer over shorter.


Long story short.... I hope these skis will hold up for 10 years because i dont want to ski anything else.


I hope this helps!

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182 Shogun - it will be the nimble and playful ski that you are looking for.
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i am a bigger guy than you and have the mantra in 191.  this ski is extremely fun on groomers.  the softer the groomer the more fun.  they are great when it is cruddy as they blast trough or over anything in their way.  On un tracked powder they were a blast real lively/poppy.  but day after powder bumps and trees they were unbarable.  these skis are way too fast,stiff and unforgiving to be in the trees for me.  I think in a shorter length they could be better.  this ski was more precision than playful. 

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I just traded out a 4 yr old pair of mantras for the bonafide. I didn't realize how hard I worked to turn the mantra in the trees and bumps. With the new ski, it's night and day. I do not notice that I have given up much at speeds either. If so, it's because I shortened length a lot. I can not speak to the new Mantras. When I bought my old Mantras, they were fantastic, but technology seems to have gotten a lot better. Love my bones.
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