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I've been in my current boots (Dalbello Surge) for 3 seasons now.  I'm in NYC, and I originally had them fitted by a fitter I had a few recommendations for at Hunter.  The fitter made Instaprint footbeds for me at the time.  While the boots were way better than what I'd previously been skiing in, I was never really blown away by them.


In the seasons since, because of foot or ankle pain, I've had small adjustments made here and there (punches / grinds etc) by a number of different boot fitters depending on where I was skiing that day.  Things were bad enough at Snowbird last year that I had to stop skiing, and had the guys at superior Ski take a look.  They made new footbeds for me, smoothed out some rough areas and put me in a pair of zip fit liners.  That made a huge difference and the days i've skied since have been the best days I've had in boots.  


That said, my boots are still far from perfect.  I have a pressure point on the inside bone of my right ankle, I suspect I still need some alignment / canting work, the boots are leaking like a sieve both through the gasket near the toe and through the overlap between the buckles on the foot, with the zip fits and new foot bed it feels like I may now have too much volume in the foot, and (I think because of my limited ankle flexibility) it's a huge ordeal to get in and out of the boots with Zipfit liner on foot first and placing it into heated boot.


I'm not really sure whether the best thing is to put more money into these or cut my losses and start again, and either way, I'm not sure whether to find someone local to assess / do the work, or go back to the guys at Superior at Snowbird (who I think did a great job) given that they've already done the footbed and liner work that I'd like to move to my next boot if possible.


I usually get to ski at Snowbird a couple of times year, so I could get some follow up work done if needed, but then if I need extensive work after heading back to NYC, I'm in a similar position to the one I'm on now.  


I'm heading to Snowbird to next week, and I'm really on the fence about trying to sort out my current issues or get new boots fitted before I leave, or spend a few hours at Superior and see what they can do.  Any thoughts on whether a good local fitter or a fitter at a resort on the other side of the country is a better way to go in my situation?