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Sierra at Tahoe

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Man I had the best 2 days there, 24th was a blue bird day and 25th it snowed all day and in times I was the only one running the back of the mountain! Had Wagon Trail all to myself![IMG]
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Nice that you had the place to yourself, my lasting image of Sierra is some of the longest lines I have ever seen.  I think I have been scarred for life, I still have nightmares about turning the corner around the lodge and seeing the line.  I'm pretty sure that lines for bread in Moscow right after the fall of communism were shorter than that.

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On the 24th it was busy, but on the 25th it was fantastic, I'm guessing that most people were trying to get back home early due to thinking that the pass mite close do lots left early, I did a few runs on the back of the mountain and it felt weird being alone one or two tracks up there, and they would not last long due to the snow falling. To me it was the best skiing I've done, fresh powder!!
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Sierra has been through a lot of changes over the years, and it would be great to get some updates on how crowds have been affected.  It is the closest area to Sacramento and has had some low-priced passes that used to bring a lot of kids and snowboards out.  This is the first  yearr since they have been separated from the Northstar (Double Whammy) pass deal and I'm wondering if it has affected the numbers much.  They also had a vertical club deal where you could cut the lines, and it was the only way to fly.


Some storm days, you can find a lot of untracked at Sierra if you know where to go.

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I think last year was the first year they were off Double Whammy.

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