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Winter Park 1st week in March

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Looks like our trip is going to be the first week in march 3/3-3/9. I've not skied remotely close to Spring Break in ages. Can anyone tell me what the crowds are typically like at WP the first week in March? 

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I think you'll be fine. Most schools are off after the 9th.  The NYC public schools are off the week of the 25th (which coincides with Passover).  Many private schools are off two weeks, the 18th and 25th.  My experience at WP/MJ last year was that it gets crowded on the weekends, but not so much during the week, at least the holiday week we were there (which I think was winter break in February, right after Presidents Day).

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It will be more college students that week, but that still is a bit earlier than the big deluge.

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