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East Coast Skier - New Skis Question

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Hi Guys,


I've been looking to upgrade from my first pair of skis.  They used were Nordia Speedmachines 10.2.  A little about me:  I ski in the east.. Vermont, New York (whiteface, gore), Quebec.  I guess I'd probably consider myself a level 7 skier.  And starting to do some glade skiing.  


I've been looking at Head iPeak 78, Elan Waveflex 78 Ti... Just wondering what you guys think is a good east coast ski?  I' think i'd prefer a short turn all mountain ski. Any suggestions.  



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Not familiar with the Heads but the Elan Waveflex could be a decent choice for you in the East.


At this point in your career, you should have an idea of what kind of skier you would like to become.  From your post you indicated you are getting into some trees.  That means you are venturing off piste and learning how to ski variable conditions.  As an advanced intermediate skier you would benefit from a ski that is more "all mountain" oriented in the 78-88 waist width.  At your ability level I would be careful and not go too wide (90+) as a wider ski may mask some technique issues as you learn.


With that being  said I would consider looking at the Rossi Experience 78, 83 or 88.  The Blizzard Magnum 76, 8.1 or Bushwacker.  Volkl RTM 77, 80 or 84.  It would be really helpful for you to try and demo a few different types of skis so when you talk to a shop rep, you can tell him what ski you have tried and what you have liked as well as describing what you can do, what you would like to do and what you realistically can do on skis.  Armed with that info any good shop rep will be able to put you into something appropriate for you. 


Finally, save a few bucks for a coupld of lessons after your purchase to help you get the most out of your new skis.


Good luck, and Happy New Years.


Rick G


PS All of that is said assuming your current boots are up to snuff.

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Thanks for the quick response.  After doing some more research right now im leaning more towards the Rossi 83 and Volkl RTM 80.  The Rossi seems to be cambered but the Volkl has a full rocker design.  Is one design better at dealing with the crud/icey conditions that often found in the east?  Which do you think provides better edge hold

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When I skied the RTM 80 I was surprised of the amount of edge hold it had for a fully rockered ski.  To be honest though I preferred the RTM 84 but that is me. I haven't had the opportunity to try the E83 but have skied the 88 and own the 98.  Based on other reviews I read here and elsewhere the 83's edge hold should be pretty good.  I just felt the 83 would be a better match for what you were asking for.


Good luck,


Rick G

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