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k2 Mod X's

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New forum folks...

Pray for Pow'

My Mod's are all I hoped that they would be and probably have a lot more to show me...

Canadian Mike

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Mike,and others, check out the K2 web Page they Have some useful info on the care and feeding of your New K2 skies.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Anyone just checking this thread (on the K2 Mod X) out for the first time -- it is a continuation of another one:
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Utah 49 (or is it 50 yet?)

What an ordeal! Just picked up my Mod X's. As it turned out the Look P8 w/ Maxplate is was unavailable but the shop did not let me know for three days. Then the Salomon S912ti w/Pe was out of stock ended up waiting an entire week longer. Anyway, just pick up those beauties and will be back on the slopes this weekend, with the crowds yuk, but out there anyway.

How are things in Utah?


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As far as the ski techs that set the din on my binding are concerned,I am and will remain 49 for at least a few more years!But yep, hit the big 50 this past Nov.
This has been one of the best early seasons that Utah has had in afew years.With The rush of holiday visitors in town some of the more popular runs are showing signs of wear and tear. We could use another good dump of powder. I am not bitching far from it.All in all, the bowls have been a lot of fun and the Bump runs still pretty soft.But there is nothing like a foot of fresh Pow to keep ya happy and smiling.
The ModX have made skiing 2 day old trashed out crude a real joy to ski.Like Mike said I still have a lot to learn about this ski.And what a joy the learning has been so far.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Demoed the Mod X in 181 length at Bristol (near Rochester NY) I fell in love with these ski's. They do everything great, hardpack/ice,moguls, and crud. Best all around ski I have ever been on. Bought some on internet the other day (couldnt find any local). If you get a chance demo these you wont be dissapointed, if your real heavy maybe try the Mod x PRO. Pro's were to stiff for me at 155 lbs. Now all i have to do is sell my Atomic 9.18's that i just bought new this past October. any takers email me at dc9mm@adelphia.net

5'8" 150 lbs
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dc9mm and others,

Spent the day on my new ModX's 188 w/ S912TiPe and all I have to say is:


What a stable ski!

level 7/8


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Have spent 8 days (skiing) on my mod x pros. Skied hard pack, crud, pow, bumps and steeps..they do it all with eaze. Was going to pick up the Mod X, but was convinced otherwise by two K2 sponsored skiers. I'm a heavier skier, 5'11' and @ 200 with gear on, so looked more at the MXPs. Gotta be the best ski I've skied on in many years.
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Just wanted to let you potential MOD-X buyers know that K2 has already begun shipping its next-season replacement to shops now.

The K2 Axis has hit a few specialty shops already. The Axis is the MOD-X, with the same MOD tech and shape, minus the gimmicky peizoelectronics. MSRP is $40-50 less as well. I don't like the new Axis' color scheme much, they're red with yellow highlights. Similar graphic pattern as the new K2 Mach S. Haven't tried the Axis yet, but I assume they ski pretty much the same, maybe a little less damp, more snap.

Just because the Axis is already arriving, don't count on shops discounting the old MOD-X's, they're still selling well.
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Gonz, How long does it take you to drive to Schweitzer?
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Age 43
height 6'
weight 175

Just got back from 10 days at Whistler-Blackcomb. Against my instincts, I skied mod-x in a 174 (a year ago I was on k2 GS Race skiis in 204). THESE SKIIS ROCK! Steeps, deep, moguls, high speed groomers, hard pack - they worked everywhere, but were particularly strong on the steep runs with little snow or in deep/crud. Skied with my brother with same boot shell size and DIN's - he had 181's so we could swap back and forth mid-run and the choice was unanimous - the 174's were more stable and controllable in crud and choppy powder, with no significant giveup at speed. Forget the argument of 181's vs. 188's - the shorter the better. Also skied Dynastar 4x4, volkl g41's, neither of which were as fun or versatile as the mod-x. For what its worth, we have both skied all our lives, and skied all of both mountains on the trip.
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I have yet to talk to anyone that has skied the Mod X or Mo X Pro that does NOT like these skis. I'm skiing the mXP in 188s. They do it all. Just as Kmak says, they rock!
I skied Bachelor for a 6 days a couple weeks ago and connected with a guy skiing the Mod X in 181's with same boot size, so we got to swap, compare and contrast. Over 2 days we had conditions ranging from PNW ice, hard pack, bumps crud and powder, basically everthing but avalanche debris. It was clear from turn one that the Mod X was definitely softer, quicker but they just didn't match up to the crankin GS turns that felt so comfortable when skiing the MXPs. They MXPs were more demanding.

If one was not willing to stay focused and staying on the sweet spot of the MXP then a move to the ModX would be in their best interest. The MXP will certainly bring out the best of your skiing and during your initiation to the ski will point out your worst! The MXP blows thru the crud much better than the "X" due to the 2 sheets of titanal metal and glass construction. if you ski hard all day go for the MXP, if you like to be more relaxed the ModX is the ski.
K2 got it right with the Mod X or Pro.
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well i havent skied eitehr modx or modx pro, but one of my best friends and 3rd skier on our team (i'm 5th) skis modx's in sl and gs (lives in jackson lucky ____), and he absolutely loves them. however, he is 5'8 and i'd say 135, so he cant really overpower a ski. another friend of mine is about 220 and he called teh ski a floppy piece of !@#$. there are people who dont like these skis... err i think that was my point...?
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i love my mods, but i got a problem, a crack has developed on the tip of one of my skis, does anyone know if this could lead to more damage or performance problems, do you think the warranty would cover it? just wondering because these skis are my prized possesion and i dont want to screw em up
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I did the same to mine, called up k2 and I have a pr of the Axis X coming to me, the cracking at tht tip is due to the K2 decal, there is no glue under it so it allows the ski to flex differently there.

also smacking the hell out of it in the ice dosen't help...

take the skis to your local shop and have them give K2 a call.
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I have been skiing my Mod X ski in 181 length now for a couple of weeks now. I really like theses ski's, Iam 5'8" 152 lbs so as far as Mod X Pro ski's go, at my weight the Pro's are a little to stiff. So i think to figure out which Mod X the Pro or regular Mod X you want all depends on your weight. If your heavy(over 185lbs) the Pro is probably better for you. I demoed almost every midfat ski out there before I bought the Mod X and as midfats go i thinks it is the best all around midfat ski. That is for right now but who knows what will be out next year.
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It's now mid-season and I'm finally ready to buy skis - with limited selection at the shops (grr!) -- a local ski shop says they have a pair of the new Axis - does anybody know the difference? Are there 2 models similar to the X and XP?

For the record - I'm leaning to 188 XPs
6'2 200lbs
Older (39!) aggressive all-mountain expert
Still skiing Rossi xs's supplemented with Volkl Snow Rangers
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There are actually 3 modles
the axis, axis x, and the axis x pro.
basically equivalent to the mod 7/8, modx, and modx pro, only thing is they have better graphics and they are missing the little gimmicky light. I got mine on thursday, probbably mount them saturday night, I'll give a report.
I have the Axis X
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I finally took my mod x's back to the dealer and they are going to replace them, no questions asked. Its a good thing too, along with the crack on the tip, i had some serious base damage. I think they are gonna just give me a new pair of mod x instead of the axis x, either way im happy that i get to start off with a new pair again
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