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Mammoth Mountain

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Used to ski Mammoth a lot, then took a hiatus -- that was all before the mountain was acquired by the new owners and all the new development began (8 or so years ago).


How is Mammoth these days? Any good affordable ways for a dirtbag skier to get some turns in over a weekend without taking out a mortgage?



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A couple years ago we stayed at a motel (Holiday Inn or similar)in the town at $120/night, but next door was a Motel 6 or Motel 8 for dirtbagsbiggrin.gif

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AC - Mammy is my home hill. What, specifically, are you asking about affordable ways to ski it?

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The lift tix are whats expensive there especially on a weekend. Call in sick and head up midweek in Jan for great deals. Look into Econo lodge. Shuttle picks you up right in front. Other than the village and a bunch of new condos the mountain hasnt changed much... still epic!!!!


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Originally Posted by veteran View Post

A couple years ago we stayed at a motel (Holiday Inn or similar)in the town at $120/night, but next door was a Motel 6 or Motel 8 for dirtbags:D

Actually the motel 6 there is not bad. However you will find even it runs about $100/ night at weekends (yup, for a motel 6!) . I like that you can park right at your door so you are not carrying loads of gear for miles.
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BTW I see you are a founder. Does that mean you helped start epicski? If so, thanks very much


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Just got back from 5 days skiing last week. Customer service is fantastic there. The RFID tickets are awesome and work very well. As far as cheap weekends, I don't know of any deals available but you should sign up for alerts from the via both FB and email. They are offering some last-minute deals every week on random condos and I did see $79 lift tix come up, but I don't remember if that was midweek or not.


The mountain itself is still Mammoth--amazing!!

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Backcountry saves money.  Hit this right off the Scenic Loop last week.










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Pulling in to Mammoth for the first time as I type. Can't wait to hit the mountain tomorrow!

@joemammoth - any favorite lifts and runs I should hit in the next 2 days? I'll add some pics too
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Hi Dan,


You should hit Chair 23 to the top for a ride on a great chair, then unload to the right to head over to Monument and the Paranoids.


If the winds pick up out of the southwest, head to Chair 22 (Lincoln Mountain) and hit the Avy Chutes, for some awesome windbuff. 


Chair 9 and traverse out to the Dragon's Tail for some deep, steep tree runs.


Thats just a few.  Its a big mountain with lots to see and ski!


Have fun!

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Hit up the backside (chair 14) and traverse as far as you can into Hemlock bowl/ridge. You gotta do Daves run. Exit left off the gondola and traverse across the top. Make sure you keep your spped up or youll be skatin alot at the end. Have fun, wish I was there.

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If it's your first time in Mammoth be sure to spend at least a few minutes in the scenic visitor center at the top of the gondola. As you exit the gondola building there are glass doors on  your left and stairs leading down - take them and you'll be led into a viewing room with free telescopes, and some history of the area. You can see parts of Yosemite from there.

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Ditto on chair 23, I pretty much just camp out there, then shoot over and get some mid gondola action to the top and pop Climax and Daves, then back to 23.    as far as hotels,  Sierrra Nevada lodge is nice, (free breakfast, shuttle stop across the street).    Also the Cinnamon bear lodge isn't bad and they actually cook you breakfast, (shuttle across the street).    If I were going up this week I would hook you up with one of my MVP discount tickets.    I hear you can also buy a 19 day pass in January for $249 ?  Something like that, go to the mammothmountain.com and read up on that, not sure what it's all about.    Good news they are Absolutely hammered with snow, 12 foot BASE !!!!! 

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8:54 and 2 runs down from Canyon to get the blood flowing

Just spent some very quality time on 23 and 14 - thanks for the awesome suggestions all! Here's the view on 14:

Having fun doing this from my phone - hope the edits aren't annoying anyone smile.gif

Gorgeous out here - heading up to the sunshine:

Edit: hit lift 5 for a bit now heading on the Gondola to Cornice Bowl. Not too crowded - no lines at all thus far:

Edit: one from up top and one on the way down Cornice

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Hi, Some of the cheapest lodging is at the Davison Street Hostel. Also, Mammoth has a 14-day advance deal with MY Mammoth. You can get slightly discounted tickets that way. Otherwise, it's sometimes cheaper to rent out a condo with a bunch of ski buddies than it is to stay in a hotel. You can also save money by cooking at the condo rather than eating out.


Good Luck!!!


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I have stayed at Econolodge just up the street from Motel 6 since the days when it was International Inn.  Back then we would get a kitchenette and two interconnected rooms for family stays.  Nowadays I get a room for just a few bucks more than Motel 6.  Minifridge, microwave, TV and wifi keep me busy.  There is a shuttle stop right at the bottom of the driveway.

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Nice shots! I can't believe it's not crowded! Post more pics when you can, please!

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Was just at Mammoth this last week. I can say you get what you pay for. Sure lift tickets are expensive, but the lift lines are kept shorter by both supply/demand and RFID. Less work dedicated to check passes, and more work dedicated to mountain maintenance.


Cant wait to get back.


Good thing I packed my DSLR. Check out that fresh powder on top of Chair 22 !




Also, a great picture up 395 right before Bishop.


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Testing out a GoPro tomorrow - will share any footage worth sharing!
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Figured I would give Contesstant a little more stoke of what has been going on at Mammoth this month










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Wow,  nice pics,  I am totally missing out! 

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At 141.5 inches this is the second highest snowfall December in Mammoth's records.  I've had 8 days there this month.

Dec. 4-8: http://www.firsttracksonline.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10384

Dec. 18-20: http://www.firsttracksonline.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10413


I'm not sure what the OP's point of reference is, but 1998 Intrawest became a partner to founder Dave McCoy and over the next several years many lifts were replaced, some relocated and more high speed quads put in.  Dave McCoy sold out completely in 2006 (he was 91 then) and Starwood is now the majority owner.  The result is a lift system voted #1 by the SKI survey which can handle the weekend or holiday crowds very well.  Midweek lift lines are rare, and in general lift lines are shorter than at other North American areas with Mammoth's scale.  This also means that you need to be there at opening bell on powder days because it will get tracked out fast, even midweek as on Dec. 19 in my report above.


Lift pricing under Dave McCoy was simple: Day tickets were $1-2 less than Heavenly/Squaw, season passes were expensive (like everywhere before 1998), no special deals of any kind unless you were there 3 or more midweek days.  Now day tickets are expensive, over $100 holidays and just under that for day tickets, but the MVP season pass purchased in April of the prior season is only $659. The MY Mammoth advance purchase is $5 off window price and you have to be there 3+ days for a multiday discount. In recent seasons there have been special deals in January, Costco 3+ day deals, etc. but you have to look and see each season what might be offered.  Those "deals" are likely to be less generous in good years like this one or 2 years ago than in bad years like last year. MVP's can register in advance to "bring a friend" for $69 a day for 1-3 days.


Lodging has rarely been a bargain at Mammoth unless you have personal connection of some kind.  The dorm at Davison St. is the cheapest deal in town.  Econolodge and the recently refurbished Holiday Haus are a bit nicer and cheaper (still ~$80+ the 13% bed tax) than Motel 6.  Otherwise as noted above a big group in a condo is often cheaper per person than the hotels.

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Nice joemammoth. How do you pack your SLR? I put mine in a camelbak. Thing even held up in a powder tumble last week.
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Awesome, guys! Thanks for sharing! Tony, I rode the lift last week with a gal who drove down from Carson City. I asked her why she would drive 2+ hours when she could be skiing Tahoe in 30 minutes. She said she just likes Mammoth that much better, and it is much better managed. I have to say that the way that place is run is definitely pretty darn good. We've always had a good experience on all accounts. I just received an email survey regarding our experience there last week and even though it was a long one, I was happy to provide positive feedback.


Hubby's commander stays in Bishop when he goes up there. Not sure if it's much less expensive or if it's because he has trouble sleeping at 8000+ feet, or both.

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Hi Msunkin,


Believe it or not all those were either taken with a camera phone, the Samsung HTC Sense ( the ones of the snowboarder, NIck) or a Canon pocket digital point and shoot (skier, me).  The one pic of the photographer (our friend Chris) with the DSLR out shooting me coming at him, was also taken with the point and shoot.  


Chris has  a chest bag that he carries his in, very convenient and accessible. The pics Chris took are amazing!  Ridiculous bluebird deep powder day.  You can see his work at www.highanxietyfilms.com. Here is a teaser ;)




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I checked out that link and WOW!! I particularly love the time-lapse night shots of the groomers running on the mountain. Oh Mammoth, how I love thee!


One of these days, we'll get to the hot springs for a soak. (When we can get someone to watch our 5YO as she will NOT partake, I am sure.)

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For the OP and to back up Contesstant's assertion, staying in Bishop is cheaper, but also factor in the 40 mile ride to and from the mountain each day (gas, convenience). Hotels in Bishop can be had well under $100 (Vagabond and others) if comfort is secondary to you. Dining in Bishop is cheaper too but there are less options.


Mammoth is my home mtn and I probably stay in Bishop 2/3 of the time and I find the drive back each afternoon to be a good way to unwind.


Just my two cents. Nice pics above... Mammoth rocks!

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Here's a great link to find affordable rentals




A couple powder shots from my last trip to Mammoth








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Awesome info, thanks everyone!

agreen, yes -- I started EpicSki years ago. I was the only one in this forum in the beginning, starting discussion threads with myself (a few different usernames) to create some content and momentum. Then others started showing up.

It's come a long way since then.
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Just made "last-minute" plans (yes, it's in 2+ weeks but that's last-minute to us) to head up MLK weekend. I don't like going on weekends, but it's our last chance to ski with my brother, who is moving from Vegas back "home" to Seattle so the weekend it will be.


Still lots of inventory available for condos. I actually email condo owners and ask if they'll consider offering a discount to a responsible mid-40's couple with a small child. I've had a lot of success doing this. Especially the ones who specifically state in their condo description, "ask about our last-minute specials." Now if only we could get discounts on child care or lessons for the little one! That's what makes it really difficult to afford! Can't wait until she's good enough to ski with us all day. In the meantime, we suck it up because there is just nothing like Mammoth and who knows when the Air Force will move us again and it won't be 5 hours away!


Enjoy and Happy New Year, everybody!

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