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I've decided to buy the K2 ModX Pros and am unsure as to the appropriate size to get. I need help choosing. I am 5'11" and weigh 135lbs.

The tech that I've been talking with suggests the 174, but I'm leaning towards the 181. I ski mostly east coast terrain that includes ice and crud. I'm coming from a Merlin V in a 198 size. I think the 181 will be more stable than the 174 when hauling down the mountain, which I do 80% of the time. I want a good stable platform for speed, but something that I'll be able to flex properly. Aparently these skis in the 181 size are for people 165lbs+. I'm prolly pushing 155lbs with all my gear on.

Am I being too old school in my thought process in wanting the 181's? I think the 174 sounds really short. Has anyone actually skied these skis? I'm looking forward to getting them out west into some powder and seeing how they perform in the trees as well.

Thanks for any advice. I can't wait to rip on these boards!

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Specs - 5'8". 170-175 lbs, Level 8-9 skier.

Skied the 188 and it felt fine. Was told by a shop guy to look to the 181, while the rep felt that the 188 was fine. I agree with the rep. They handle like longer skis, but don't feel long. Go with the 181, especially if you came off a 198 Merlin.
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Dude, your teeny....

defintately the 181's, possibly the 174's

Consult a good dealer that sounds like he's honest, know's what he's talking about and more importantly, can interpret your style and fit you into the right ski.


'Use the Force'
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Thanks guys. I'm going to go with the 181. And I'm working out...trying not to look so "teeny." ;^)

I can't wait to get these things out west to Summit County in February.

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CP iam curious, did you demo the Mod X Pro? I demoed both the Mod X and the Pro version and thought the Pro was to stiff a ski for me and Iam 5'8" 155 lbs at 9 percent body fat(lean). I bought a pair of Mod X in 181, i demoed both the Pro and regular at 181. The Mod X i think is the beat all around ski I tried. Let us know how you like them.

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Well folks,

I ended up buying the Atomic 10.20 in a 180cm size. I got a sweet deal on them, and bindings to match. Now I do like them much better at slow to medium speeds. They carve short-radius turns much better than my 300+ day old 198cm Merlin V's. But, the old K2s felt/feel much more stable at speed. The shorter Atomics feel very darty and don't absorb shocks as well as the V's. I've only had 3 days on them though, and am still getting used to the correct way to ski them. They require a much more forward stance than the K2's do.

I'll keep people posted.

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I would agree with your assessment of the way Atomics ski versus K2. I think you will find that you will be a much stronger skier by the end of the season. Those 10.20's will require much more in the way of fine motor control throughout a turn than the K2's.

Later and have fun with your new skis.

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You're right Ed,

I found that where I pressure my foot makes much more of a difference now with the Atomics. I also noticed that I use pressure on my right boot lip when turning left much more than the other way around. These skis have definately brought out the inconsistencies in my stlye. I just need to find a way to mellow them out at speed. And tips on proper technique to use to get the most out of these 10.20s? I found that short radius turns don't require much concentraton. But for the ski to follow a consistent arc at speed, I really had to think, and make minor adjustments throughout the turn. Kind of a PITA. But I'm sure more days on them will reveal better comments/results.

Thanks for the replys everyone.

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Did you get this ski with an atomic binding?
If so have you tried changing the position of the binding?
One thing to be aware of with atomic bindings is that they are pretty much flat, they have little "delta" - the difference in height where the heel is higher than the toe. (Look bindings usually have high delta though I think some of the new ones have less.)
I only raise this issue because it can have an effect on your skiing. You might want to consult with a very good boot/alignment person about the situation. (When will this issue be addressed by the manufacturers?!)
One thing to check if you have the atomic binding:make sure that in "normal" mode your boot sole is centered on the ski. I had a shop mount mine way off of center so that in "extreme" posistion the boot sole was still slightly rear of center. I had to take it to another to get it right.
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Ski these skiis short! I'm 6',175, tried the 181's and 174's - bought the 174's. No contest.
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Skill Level. 7
Ht. 6’ 1”
Wt. 225 (+, holidays )

Demoed the Pro’s mostly because of my weight. Did the 188’s
Great ski. Did everything I tried well. No powder available but some good soft windpack. As a Volant fan it’s amazing that these skis could be as light as they are and have the stability. Skied crud like I was cruising on my T3 Powers. Quick from edge to edge where needed. Demoed three skis this time out and the Mod X Pro definitely was the best holding on ice and we had some wicked stuff down low. Biggest drawback was my own ability and hesitation because of the knee. Kept me upright in small bumps and didn’t notice the stiffness I was expecting when I got back on the tails. Really impressed. I think this combination might make for that ski that everyone has been looking for that would be great for a beginner and work well for an advanced expert.
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HT - 5'8"
WT - 170 lbs.
Level - 8/9
Setup - Mod X Pro 188 w/Marker 9.1 SC Ti Bindings.

Conditions - Knee/waist deep Utah powder, soft crud, bumps and trees.


Just returned form my trip to UT. Decided to ski Snowbird and Deer Valley (Had comp passes). I had no idea that the tree skiing at Deer Valley was so phenomenal! Anyhow, this report is on my Mod's.

Best all-around midfat that I have tried (X-scream included!). These boards have an incredible blend of skills as they will perform lightning quick short turns and are very quiet at speed in a large arcing turn. The SC binding helps a bit too. I definitely felt a difference in the skis grip on harder snow when I set the SC plate to the 3 setting. I love these boards in the crud, too. They feel better than my old Bandit XX's ever did. Powder performance is about average for a midfat, although they don't turn prematurely in the soft stuff, despite the deep sidecut.
For once, the Ski Mag write up is spot on. These skis excel in all areas, the bumps included. My buddy was skiing a 191 10.EX in the back bowls, and the minute the pow gave way to bumps, he was really wishing that he had a Mod X Pro! I did enjoy these skis the most in the trees, where agility and nimbleness is key. The only place I noticed some limits were on super hard packed groomers. You must stay centered over the ski to keep the edge engaged. I think that I only noticed that because I spent the morning running groomers on my G30's, where they are king. Anyway, the Mod X Pro is definitely worthy of its Ski of the Year title. I will admit that it is really close to the performance of an X-scream, but with better high-end performance, and no prolinks to make cracks in the skis!
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I've got 18 days in this year on my Mod X Pros - 188 w/Markers. I'm 5'11',and weigh in @ 190 with gear. level 9 skier. Just as Bandit Man says, the reviews on this ski were NOT hype. These sticks rip. Solid on hard stuff, float in Pow (had a foot at Mt. Baker last weekend). They DO ski long when you are the groomers, but get them in the soft stuff or bumps and they crank. These skis give back what you put into them. If you don't drive them you'll be disappointed. These skis keep me honest, a must to stay forward and aggressive. I would not want to go to the 181's nor go any longer. I'd guess for your size and weight the 181's would be the ticket. You will love these boards!
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