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Dynastar Autodrive Speed Cross (66)

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I finally got out on them at Mt Snow, the week of Dec 11-15.

I have the ski in a 192 with Look Pivot 9 Max plates.
I'm 6'2, 200# aggressive expert (instructor for 18 yrs).

We had every kind of snow condition from buffed ice, to 6" of fresh that got some sleet in it and got really heavy.

The ski performed beautifully. It was very easy to enter the turn in a carve, but because of it's sidecut (20M radius), you need to remember to not throw your body too far laterally (sideways) into the turn. These suckers humm. And they are easily stiff enough for me to take them at warp scary speeds, with no feeling of them wanting to lose their grip or fold up and go home.

The one big thing that I bought these skis for, that they did really well at, was the heavy new snow and heavy afternoon crud. They floated just as I had hoped they would. Granted, they aren't, by most opinions, considered a mid-fat (66mm waist), but the big, fat, 107mm tips stayed up without trying to submerge they way they did on my Speed SFs last year. They are also a hoot on the carpet (morning groomers)! They love to lay trenches all over the dang place.

They are exactly what I had hoped they would be. Something between my short stiff carvers, and my big, fast, stiff Speed SFs. They are a perfect mix of being able to go fast on grromers or go anywhere, but with more life and more sidecut than a typical mid-fat.

Yeee Hawww!

*** A note on the Look Pivot bindings. They still have about 1/4" delta between the heel and toe heights. This annoyed the hell out of me because I like my bindings flat, so I may try to get a 1/4" lifter to put under the toe pieces.
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I'm wondering if we skied the same ski John. I tried both Autodrive skis a couple weeks ago, and wasn't that impressed with either. However, I preferred the narrower blue Autodrive 64 over the orange 66. I'm a little confused why Dynastar made the 66. Since its only a tiny bit wider than the 64, I really couldn't feel any extra float whatsoever(I came off the Powertrack a run earlier). But the 64 felt much quicker than the 66, enough to make me prefer it as an all-mountain ski, even though the 66 was intended to serve that purpose.

I was disappointed that neither ski could handle speeds that the old Speed SF or Powertrack can do. I'm not sold at all on the Autodrive technology, the tips flap all over the place at high speeds. When I took them back to the rep and said that they didn't feel very stable to me, he remarked that neither ski is really intended to be an expert stick. Apparently there's now an Autodrive "Course" that is the expert level equivalent of the blue 64, and based on mixed tester comments on the orange 66, Dynastar is replacing the 66 and Powertrack next season with the Instinct 69C. A true mid-fat with a 69mm waist, with more beef underfoot. This also kind of worries me, as I think the Powertrack is a fantastic ski. I'd hate to see the Instinct that replaces it lose the speed and "power" that the Powertrack is famous for. If nothing else, keep the Powertrack around along with the Instinct 69C.

Edit: My bad, didn't list my stats. 5'10, 160 lbs. Aggressive Expert. I skied both skis in a 186(?) I believe. I should have probably skied the 66 in a 192, but for my size, I really shouldn't have to size up that much for stability. <FONT size="1">

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The new ski is the Intuitive 69c. I found it to ski beautifully. Was great for some shorter turns in the crud but yet very stable making some big turns across the hard packed. I might add I was in WV at the time so the hard packed was closer to Ice. I was demoing and this was my fav ski of the weekend.

I'm really interested in next seasons Intuitive 74 that will have the the hulled shovel. Heard good things about their snowboard with this design and i want to try it on skis.

Powder to the People...
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Intuitive huh? I've seen it called the "Instinct" in all the writeups I've seen, including the new SKI and Skiing magazines (gasp! did I just admit I read those two mags?). Anyway, whatever its called, thanks for the review. I look forward to trying it. One question, what do you mean by a "Hulled" shovel on the 74?
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Hmm, now you have me wondering about the name. I believe Intuitive was what he told me and was what was on the ski. JohnH should be able ot clear that up for us.

As for the hulled shovel, take a look at this Original Sin Snowboard. Dynastar owns OS and is going to use this shape on the 74c next season. Maybe some other skis as well, but at least the rep specifically mentioned the 74. Did that clear up the question?

Well, now that I look at the site myself, it doesn't clearly show the shape. The shovel area has a slight hull to it like the front of a boat or maybe closer to a surfboard. Not flat as normal. This is suppsed to get you up on top of the snow and make for better/easier carving. I haven't tried the OS board, but heard great things. Guess we'll see about the skis.

Powder to the People...
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Ski Make: Dynastar
Ski Model: Autodrive Ski Cross 66
Ski Length: 178
Snow Conditions Used In: Groomers, hard-pack, shallow fresh powder, chopped up powder, heavy crud, bumps
Number of Days Used: 6
Your Ability: 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 31
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: only 10-12 in recent years
Other Skis You Like: Atomic 10.20, Bandit X
Your Height/Weight: 5'8" 150

I chose the Ski Cross because the areas where I usually ski are mostly groomed and I rarely find powder over a few inches deep. I think I made the right choice. My experiences are very much the same as described by JohnH last season. These are a blast! The skis are a hybrid – falling in between carvers and mid-fats – which suites me well. They’re great at carving on all types of groomed snow, whether freshly packed corduroy, hardpack, soft, smooth, or torn up. You get easy turn initiation and stability. They stay smooth and precise when carving virtually any turn shape and you can change the radius in mid-arc. I like the big rebound out of each turn. They will skid, if desired, but are better when carving along the entire edge. When I demoed Atomic 10.20s earlier in the season (a ski I also really liked), the tips tended to flutter a bit at higher speeds on firm snow. This hasn’t been the case on the Crosses except for once when traversing hard rough windblown crust at speed.

The skis are very good at handling the different conditions I listed at the top. At Mammoth last week, we had 2-4 inches of new powder each day/evening over a variety of prior conditions. I was especially happy with the ski’s performance off-piste in shallow powder and chopped-up heavy crud, which I wasn’t able to try when I originally demoed. They also responded well while skiing mostly by ‘feel’ on the top runs during some near white-outs. The skis seem a bit stiffer than average, but are still fairly forgiving. They’re quick enough to work pretty well in firm/hard bumps but not as forgiving on that surface. I also demoed the Intuitive 69c in December. They were fun for relaxed skiing in varied conditions, but the Crosses are more responsive, better on hard-pack, handle higher speeds, and have more rebound.

These aren’t powder skis or race skis, but they do many things well. They offer a great combination of lively performance on the groomed along with the versatility to cover the entire mountain.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by JohnH:
I have the ski in a 192 with Look Pivot 9 Max plates.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Just curious, why dod you put a plate binding on an Autodrive ski? The Auotdrive system is one of the best systems/ ski constructions I have ever come across - especially for allowing the ski to flex. I would never put anything on an Autodrive ski to modify what the plate does. I'm just curious about why you chose to do that.

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An addded note about the bindings...
I was going to select Look Spacer bindings (the ones without the plates), but the shop didn't carry them. So I chose the Rossi Race 120s (also no plate), which are essentially the same binding. The toe is now slightly lower than the heel on the models without the plate, and level on those that have it.

I'm happy with the setup. The bindings take up less surface area on the skis and have a very precise feel as they make contact with the boots. I also like the ramp angle. So far, I've found the claims to be true - no pre-releases in rough terrain.
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