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wintersteiger iron question

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I have a wintersteiger digital iron that I got a couple of years ago in the US.  I am currently stationed in Belgium where the electric lines in the house are 220/50hz in contrast to the 110/60hz in the US.


the bottom of iron says the following:


100v 50/60hz 800watt


Does anyone know if this is a dual voltage unit meaning can i use it with the outlets here with an adapter or do i need a power converter/transformer?  The temp reading is in Celsius and I find it odd that it is marked 50/60hz if it is not dual voltage.





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I have a Wintersteiger iron, it is NOT dual voltage. The one you have got can only be used in countries such as USA, Japan, Taiwan.


The frequency 50Hz/60Hz is the frequency of the oscillations of alternating current in an electric power grid transmitted from a power plant to the end-user. In most parts of the world this is 50 Hz, in USA it is typically 60 Hz, .but some (not many) 220V countries have 50Hz frequency.

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What Scavenger forgot to say is: if you DID use a 220/110V transformer with the iron the converted power would be at 110V but still be at 50Hz.      Your iron would work just fine with 110V at 50Hz. 

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