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Rent or Buy boots

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I have a ski trip planned to Utah, but my 15yr old langes aren't up for the task. I'm concerned that the rentals won't be what I'm used to. Before moving to Georgia, I would have ranked myself as a expert skier, but in the last 12yrs have gone less then 5 times. Also I have very narrow feet, and was skiing in Jr. boots because the men's boots gave me horrible shin pains.

I'd like to add that I'm looking to relocate to a city that has skiing near by, so I can start skiing a regular basis again. But the time frame to when that happens depends on finding a job, and selling my house.


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if you are skiing 5 more times in the next 12 years, I'd just rent.


When you are skiing more, GET boots ASAP.

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So while you are in SLC find a realtor, possibly the best skiing in North America is minutes away and property is inexpensive.  Find Steve Bagley on the plaza at Snowbird and he can help with new boots if you like.


Men's boots don't really exist, but women's do and are often what you are calling "Men's" but colored pink with a delicate touch of faux fur for wearing out on Saturday night.  I wouldn't worry at all about the labels, (men's, women's, race, intermediate, etc) and instead find someone that can get you in a proper fitting boot.  I also wouldn't worry about not being used to them for your holiday.  If they fit better than your present models you will almost certainly ski better immediately.



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Thanks for the responses. I ended up renting boots, which really was a bad idea. I tried on multiple boots, going as small possible on the shell, but the room between my toe box and shin loosened up while skiing. I think if you are used to custom fit boots going to a generic boot will not be a good experience. I ended up skiing snowbird and alta, while skiing the steeps I could feel my foot moving around, thus loosing most of the control. Which then would put me in the back seat, damn near on the verge of out of control. After about four hours of skiing blown out crude my shins were done, and bruised. My ability to went down so far, and lost all confidence even on the piste. Laying into a long gs carve you could feel the boot move around, thus loosing the edge and chatter away from me. Boots truely are the most significant piece of equipment, and if you are a high level skier don't rent.

On a side note salt lake is insane, and I think I'm addicted. The size of the mountains is ridiculous, the steeps are insane. I meet quite a few hard core skiers that are going to show me the back country next time a come. I could only imagine how epic the powder is here. I can't wait to come back with proper equipment!
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