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ski binding question

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Just got a new pair of Gotamas, and am thinking about having non-demo bindings mounted for the first time since I was a kid.

Am thinking about getting Marker Griffons (or something similar).

I currently am in the process of transitioning to new boots: my old boots (which I love) have a bsl of 316mm, and my new boots (which are not yet dialed in from a customization standpoint) are 305mm.

Given the extensive customization I may need, I see myself using both boots quite a bit this winter. 


Could I mount a Marker Griffon (or other non-demo) binding and be able to slide the heelpiece back and forth enough to fit each boot?  Would sliding the heelpiece myself to fit each boot be as easy as doing it on a demo binding (as long as someone showed me how to assess forward pressure on the specific binding?)

Should I mount them specifically for my newer 305mm boot, or would that not allow enough play in the heelpiece?  I that case, should I mount them to perfectly fit a boot that was somewhere in between (e.g. a 310mm boot), which would give me enough play in the heelpiece to fit both 305 and 316mm with appropriate forward pressure?

An alternative option would be to just transfer over my Atomic FFG demo bindings from my old Sidestashes, but I've heard many people prefer fixed bindings if possible...


Thanks for the info.  I am relatively new to owning/maintaining skis after demoing/renting for many years, so I appreciate any help.

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To simplify my above question, is there a knowable range of boot sole length that a mounted binding like a Griffon or an STH12 can accomadate (by sliding the heelpiece)? 

Since I have 2 boots that are 11mm different in length, could I easily slide the heelpiece back and forth to fit each if I got one of the above bindings, or should I go with a demo binding?

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Most conventional bindings will allow you to adjust enough to accept both boots fairly easily, I would have the binding mounted for the 305mm boot sole. If you want to play it safe you could have the tech set the jig for 305, mark the toe holes, reset the jig to 310, position the toe holes over the marked spots for 305 then drill all the holes. This way you have plenty of adjustment and proper positioning for your 'proper' boot.

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The specs on the manufacturers' sites give the adjustment range. My understanding is that the turntable style heels the the look pivot and the FKS have less range but still might have enough for you. I'm no expert.

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The sth 12 driver, according to salomon's website has a 19mm adjustment range or 2.5 US sizes


I would talk to the tech at the shop or ask for recommendation directly from Marker/Salomon on where is the best place to position the bindings. But it's probably okay for 11mm difference, the only question is where to really mount it. Ideally you should mount to the best for the new boots since those are the ones you will be using the most and adjust to old boots when/if needed.

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My advice is to talk it over with the tech who you are going to pay to do the mounting.   Just see what he advises and is also most comfortable doing.  Last thing you want is to be the smartypants telling the tech his job at the risk of your new skis.

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I have a pair of Marker Griffons that are mounted on my fatties. The skis were drilled for my boot soles of 300 mm. I just put in some older boots that have a boot sole length of 290 mm. I was able to get proper forward pressure.

So there is plenty of heel track for adjusting for either boot.

I'd go with Ray's suggestion. See what the tech says.

Which reminds me. I better reset my heel piece to the correct boot.

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Is it fairly easy (as in, as easy as a demo binding) to adjust the heel of a fixed Griffon binding (or STH binding) to fit different boot sole lengths?

And is there a "sweet spot" of function where the binding works best (i.e. in the middle of the adjustment range), or does it theoretically work just as well at the extremes of the range as long as the forward pressure is appropriately set?

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The adjustment is trivial for virtually all popular bindings. As long as forward pressure - & depending on the binding, downward pressure, wings, etc. - are set correctly, performance is unchanged.


However, if you mount for either of those boots, you'll be marginally right at the limit of adjustment for the other with most bindings  (long - aka demo -  heel track Marker Royals being an exception). OTOH, if you have it mounted for a vanilla 310 BSL, both of the sizes you want will be well within range & your boot center would only be off by 2-3mm depending on the boot. You'd never ever notice... A good tech is a good partner for this sort of thing.

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Am narrowing in on probably getting the Marker Griffon (nondemo).  Before I pull the trigger, will there be any adjustments I need to make to the toe piece (e.g. the wings, the AFD height, etc) to change between my two (non AT) boots?  Or will the only necessary adjustments be sliding the heel piece, adjusting the forward pressure, and adjusting the DIN?

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