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Donner Ski Ranch Avy

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They've found one body so far of a 50 something year old snowboarder:





The body of a California snowboarder was recovered hours after the man was reportedly trapped in an avalanche, the sheriff's office in Nevada County said Monday.

Police said a search dog found the man, described as in his 50s, at the base of the debris field.

The man had been buried in 2 to 3 feet of snow at the Donner Ski Ranch in Norden, California.

A news release said several people were skiing or snowboarding in the area Monday morning when a moderate avalanche occurred.

Police said they were still in the process of notifying the man's relatives.

Donner Ski Ranch has 52 trails on Donner Summit, which is in the Sierra Nevada range in northern California near Nevada.



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More info on this Avy.


First Avy at Donner as far back as we can remember. Several of the patrollers at Donner tell me it's been well over 25 years. Most think of these very small resorts as "safe" from avalanches. Let's remember that an Avy can happen anywhere. Be safe everyone.


Don't forget to say thank you to the patrollers that go out every day to make your trip as safe as possible.

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