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Tecnica Icon Carbon - Solesystems

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I bought new boots and figured I'd share my experiences. My old boots were 13 years old, so I was way past due.

I went ahead and purchased Tecnica Icon Carbon boots with custom footbeds (Sole Systems) and full alignment from the Wilderness House in Boston. (I had originally selected the Icon XR, but got greedy and went for the Carbon.)

The Wilderness House did a good job of fitting me and showing me options. Gordon Hay did a great job on the footbeds. I would have preferred to have dealt with only one technician (Gordon), but the others I did work with were knowledgeable and helpful. The alignment (canting) could have been done better, as it was done visually.

I bought the boot very tight. I thought it was going to be TOO TIGHT at first, but my fears were not warranted. Tight is right.

This new boot is sweet. Very comfortable, even on the first day with the stiff cuffs. I still have to fine-tune the boot some more, in terms of flex and lean, but, overall, these boots are great. The Carbon has many great features, like adjustable heal lock shims, different cuffs, and many flex options, not to mention the adjustable arch support which is removed when a custom footbed is installed. Plus, they look downright awesome.

When skiing, I saw noticeable improvement in edging, quickness, stability and comfort. I felt like I was in mid-season form on my first day out this year, so I have lots of good things to day about this boot.

Tony Jaworski
Level 7-8
6' 195#
Skied this boot on black runs at Killington so far. X-15 ski.
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I also just got the Icon Carbons. Mine are really really tight. I down sized a whole shell size from my TNT's. Are your boots very cold? Perhaps mine are because they are so tight. I just worked course crew on the
24 Hours of Aspen, 4:00am to 12:00pm shift.
4:00am -6F my feet froze standing at kleenex
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I bought mine pretty tight too. I find that if I tighten the buckles too much, my feet do get a little cold, as I found recently on a cold day at Cranmore in NH (10F). If I loosen 'em up a little, the cold and numbness goes away.

If you are not already doing so, you might want to try wearing nothing but a liner polypro sock and see if that helps. Also, most people say it will take 2-4 days to pack out the liners somewhat.
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I have eight days and they are still pretty
tight. I just got some boot heaters and they
are not doing the trick. I think I may have constricted the blood flow. So I am off to get a little boot work.
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good to hear that the boot's fit is right with you guys. I have a shorter shin..higher instep(I bet)..the IconX's deep heel with the exacting fit over the instep *kept* me down...essentially in the backseat..too much...have a great fit with the new Atomics....(for anyone's information...interest)..moral: be especially choosy with your boots.!!!
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