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Salomon X-Mountains

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Does anyone in here ski these skis besides me? If so how's the camber? I believe this is the greatest ski ever made.
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I used to have them and found them to be a very fun, forgiving ski especially suited for the back country. I did not enjoy them as much on very hard snow, thought they were scary on ice, and not as stable as the X-Scream Series when skied at higher speeds.
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My detailed review is a reply in an earlier thread, "Salomon X-Screams - my experience" because someone asked about them there. (I also changed my name since then so it would have a pun in it.)

The next guy in that thread thought they were too slow edge to edge. Since I'm a bit slow
edge to edge myself, that's not an issue

I don't find them scary on ice, but you have to learn how to do it. With a 75 mm waist you have to make sure you're really getting them up on edge as much as you think you are. Try reaching downhill a little further with your hands near the completion of your turn to make sure your body is angulated enough.

I don't use these if groomed or hardpack is all there is (that's what my Rossi 9S's are for), but they do much better for me on ice than pencils do for me in deep snow.

But the main thing is, when I'm where they belong, in deeper, softer snow, they're the most fun ski I have ever used. Closet and Shadows at Steamboat! Middle Hardscrabble at Cannon after a dump! Yes!!
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After 8 days on my Ross 4SV's( 201cm rock skis )I finally got to break out my trusty X-Mtn's at Alpine Meadows this past weekend. Oh my it was great to have them under my feet again. It was a great weekend.

I've had mine since Feb '98. I remember when I bought them I was telling my friends that they were the Mercedes-Benz of skis. They probably have about 75 days on them and they still feel as good as they did new. I love this ski.

While it is slow edge to edge it is amazingly stable, I'm 5'10", 155# and ski the west.My ski is a 187. I don't use them in powder often, I'm on my Burton for that.In crud they are great, you can let 'em run in big gs type turns or whip 'em through the narrow chutes and trees with confidence. Sierra corn on the X-mtns is a real treat. PP, steeps, firm pack,our version of ice, you name it they are good. Bumps are work but with the short length they are managable

When they stopped making them last season there was quite an uproar. When these die, probably in Feb 2002 I will sadly replace them. I don't know what I'll do. I have demoed X-Screams, Beta-Cruise 9.22, and Bandit XX's, none feel as stable at speed or as fun in crud or powder. All were quicker turners. I prefer the X-Mtn. The X-scream was to turny and not as good in crud. The Beta-Cruise 9.22 was awesome, if I had to replace the X-mtns this would be a good candidate. I've heard the XX breaks down quickly although I enjoyed the ski.I will be trying some X-Mod Pros, G-31's, and some new Atomics before I make up my mind but I still have another 50-70 days left on what has been my favorite ski to date.<FONT size="1">

[This message has been edited by desertdawg (edited December 19, 2000).]</FONT>
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What is the difference between an X Mountain and a Super Mountain?
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I know the Supermountains are more shaped then the X-mountains, I think the waist is about the same though, they're just fatter in the tail and the tips. I agree that these skis rip in crud, I was skiing horseshoe bowl in Breck in Crud conditions people were falling all over the place and I was just skiing very nicely in it, I felt almost like I was cheating cause I remember skiing crud in my old Elan MBX's and what torture that was. I just love these skis so much.
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Thanks, Xscream179, I found this string and ordered a pair of x-mtn's from snowcountrysports. My only regret so far is that I could only afford 1 pair.
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I skied yesterday at Cannon in just about the finest NE conditions you can get short of a big dump. They have been getting a small amount of natural snow just about every day for a long time, and the temperature has been consistently cold since 2 weeks before Christmas. So the ungroomed areas have a nice cover of loose snow anywhere from 6 to maybe 10 inches deep, some of it pushed into soft bumps, but a lot of it just lying there. New England is finally getting its fair share.

Anyway, my X-Mountains once again put the smile on my face that made me buy them after demoing them in Utah 3 years ago. In their element, real snow being that element, they are just what desertdawg says - the best. I spent most of the day dancing through soft bumps and settled powder.

But Cannon being what it is, a pretty severe place, had plenty of hardpack (ice) on the groomed trails. Some of it was covered by 1/2 inch or so of groomed snow, alongside sections that were completely skied or blown clean. The quick and numerous transitions between snow and ice was no problem, nor was skiing these areas aggressively, at speed, and under control. X-Mountains are some tough customers. Like I have said, because of their 75 mm waist you have to think about how you edge them to get a good grip on especially steep hardpack. But if you do, they hold very well for a mid-fat. And if you're in that situation all the time, it's not an all-mountain day in the first place.

So bring on your G31s and X-Screams. They may have the advantage if you're doing zipper-line bumps and skied-off headwalls. But if it's been snowing much the last few days I may have the biggest smile.
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The X-Mountain is the greatest ski ever made, I now have no doubt in my mind!!!

Well I wonder where that skier's bound. Is there some run, somewhere, someway out there that I've not found?
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