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I am selling a pair of Solomon Impact 9 Boots, Size 26/26.5, Last 100, Flex 110 (2-years old) with  Intuition Liners, size 26/26.5 (purchased Nov. 2012 and used 3 times). 

Will sell boots and Intuition liners together for $175; or separately: Boots with original liners for $150; Intuition Liners for $100.

Boots are in very good condition (normal scrapes and nicks); Intuition liners purchased 5 weeks ago and are in excellent condition (The original liners have been shaved to allow a softer instep area.)

I just purchased new boots in a larger size.

“Salomon Impact 9 Review: Salomon Ski Boots Reviews & Ratings

Salomon Impact 9 ski boots are virtually unavailable from most online retailers, but if you can find a way to pick up a pair at a ski swap meet or on a website marketplace, you may never want to wear another pair of boots again.

There’s just no two ways about it: Salomon makes comfortable boots that perform well under any conditions. The Salomon Impact 9 model is a fantastic boot for those skiers who like to go all over the mountain.

Powder, crud, groomed, moguls, or anything in between–wherever you want to go, whichever kind of snow you want to navigate, Salomon Impact 9 boots will help you get there and get there fast.

Using the best in advanced shell technology and precision comfort, Salomon has created a high performance boot that fits like a glove.

After all, what’s the point of having the best Salomon ski boots (or any other brand, for that matter) if you can’t stand to be in them after an hour?

Salomon Impact 9 ski boots are one of the best Salomon ski boots out there. They’ve been replaced by successors in the Salomon line-up, but the Impact 9′s are still fantastic pieces of ski equipment.

If you look long and hard enough, you should be able to find them somewhere on the Internet or at the swap meet. And you’ll be thankful you did.”