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Skis for my wife?

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Any ideas on what she might enjoy? She's 5-7, 115# and an intermediate level skier. She sometimes carves, sometimes skids her turns and sticks to blue/blue-black groomers. We ski Mammoth Mountain, CA almost exclusively. Currently, she's on 170cm Rossignol Lady Bandits (some of the first shape skis, circa 2000). They're only 67mm underfoot with a 99mm tip. She's looking for something with easy turn initiation and better float (tip rocker?), something that'll increase her confidence in crud and powder over groomers. What about length for her, too? Thanks!

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Lot's o'choices. First skis that come to mind would be the Blizzard Black Pearls, a great 88 waisted all mountain ski that has a huge sweetspot and with it's early rise in the tip and tail, the pearl with carve and skid to her content. She might even find that the Pearl will give her a shot on confidence to venture off of the groomers a bit. As far as length, she is kinda in between two sizes, 166 will be good for her weight, and the 173, for her height. So if she is a bit more adventurous, she can go longer, but if she is content, she can go with the shorter 166. If she can demo them in Mammoth, try both sizes. 

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2nd on the Black Pearls................ women seem to be raving about this ski. A friend of mine ex-racer says it's the best ski she has ever tried............... she says it seems to do everything well......... not one critique that she can think of..........

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I can't add much to what they said, except read the reviews attached at the tag here.

Black Pearls Rock!

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Skis for my wife? Doesn't this belong in the gear swap forum?
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I can 5th the Black Pearls and ski very much like your wife, and at Mammoth! I demoed them there last year and bought them on the spot. I'm not sure if they still demo them out of the mountain shops, but Footloose does now.


If not those, maybe Rossi Temptations, either 82 or 88. They also have them at Footloose but I also think they still have them at the mountain. If you DO demo on-mountain, Main and Canyon carry different skis to demo but you CAN switch them out at either area as much as you want. I checked my first pair out of Canyon, checked out another pair (the Rossi's) there, skied my way over to Main, found out they had the Black Pearls, and the rest is history biggrin.gif   It DID take me two runs to get used to the Pearls. They kept gently nudging me out of the back seat. Not a bad thing at all!

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Nordica Infinte

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My wife fits your description pretty well.  A solid intermediate, who sticks to blues and easy blacks at western resorts who can carve OK, but also tends to skid the very back of her turns.  We set her up on the Fischer KOA 84s last season and they have worked out well for her.  She isn't much of  a gear freak so I don't get a lot of technical feedback from her - it either works or it doesn't, it either looks cool or it doesn't - but the KOA has been a winner. I think that the biggest benefit has been bumping up to a mid-80s width from 67 or something like that.  The additional width gives her a nice platform, more stability and more confidence in soft snow;  and on harder snow, she isn't looking to lay down PSIA-approved trenches, so there is no sacrifice.  In the west, mid-80s, reasonably soft is a good choice for a true intermediate (of which there are more out there than will admit).  You almost can't go wrong - unless you choose something too technical and too stiff.

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