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Blowing out the inside "triangle" of race boots

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Some time ago, I was told the following regarding plug/race boots:


If area of the shell around the navicular bone, roughly speaking the triangle between the heel, ankle, and ball of the toe, could be cut out entirely w/o destroying the shell, it would have no effect on skiing and/or can only make it better.


In other words, a proper boot fit should result in the foot not pressing against that area of the shell, thus leaving plenty of space for the foot to move/adjust as needed by contemporary skiing carving style.


Or, yet in other words, this whole area of the shell is there not for you, the skier, but for the structural integrity of the shell.


The consequence of the above claim is that it is almost always desirable to generously push out that area, regardless.


And, I was also told that this argument comes from Bode Miller - not making any claims to the reliability of this attribution though smile.gif


Any opinions or references?



PS: For whatever it's worth, I personally happen to find that argument plausible. It had to be done for me anyway, for comfort reasons and I generally liked it. I just can't find any discussion about that ...

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you need the foot supported with a footbed, and the forefoot held both side to side and up/down and the heel locked.   other then that it is OK to have some movement, but not sure about cutting parts away...  (feet might get cold?)

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I'll preface the following comments with this..........Bode Miller is possibly a freak of athletic virtuosity in the same respect that perhaps you might categorize LeBron James. If one expected to study tapes of either of those athletes in order to improve your own game, you might become highly frustrated.


It happens that I worked for Dyn/Lange for about 15 years and spent several sessions with the guys from the boot factory in discussions of this point long before Bode was a factor in the world cup. Their take was exactly as you suggested, ie: that the most critical control zone for a racer is the "magic triangle". Actually, there are two of those with the other being the 1st - 5th met head to heel point triangle. In one memorable session on a beach in Bermuda, the Lange factory manager explained (with a fair bit of "lubrication by Grappa") about those two triangles. His take was amplified by drawings in the sand and vociferous "Italian" explication. Nevertheless his evidence was the collective opinions of many of the greatest racers in the history of the sport. Those names just to mention a very few would include, Tomba, Mahre, Stenmark, Campignioni, Ghiradelli, Moe, Boyd, and countless others.


A few coaches in our region have latched onto this straw and we have performed the necessary modifications to their athletes boots as requested. To date.....the results have not been spectacular (to say the least).


So..............it is an interesting theory but it is not one that is supported by a majority of the case studies to date.



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I am firmly with Jim.  The inside surface of the boot is where all the fine edge angle control comes from and if there is too much space, there is too little control.  T

hat is not to say a very accurate and small punch or grind to relieve initial pressure on the Maleolus and Navicular are not benificial, but when the boot is rolled over contact is required immediatly and firmly.  There is a reason plug boots are tighter fitting!


" intermediate skiers ski from the knee and hip -  experts ski with their ankles"

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