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Possibly going to Telluride from Jan 1-5. Anybody been there this season?

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I posted on here a while back asking for some advice on gear, and got a lot of great responses and advice.


I'm driving up to Taos to ski for 3 days at the end of December and have some friends that will be skiing in Telluride for the first week of January. I'm considering joining them after I'm done in Taos. It doesn't look like Telluride has much going on right now in terms of snow. Has anybody skied there this year or in years with similar conditions?


Trying to figure out if this is worth the extra $$$ and driving time.



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I don't have any direct info, but had this exchange from a ski instructor at Telluride last evening (I'm going to Gulmarg with him in a month):

Well, looking like some good snow coming for all of Colorado this week. We have a nice little storm brewing for tomorrow, hopefully 12 inches for Telluride and then 3 days of snow for all of CO, could be another foot or so. That will really help. You know, I don't stress as much as i used to, knowing I'm going to the Himalayas in just over a month, that really helps when the snow is low in Colorado. We have super sketchy conditions here in the backcountry, again we have a facetted layer at the base of our snowpack that is really weak and that is supporting all the snow we have right now. We have had several (small) in bounds slides already in Telluride (no one buried or caught), but it's an indicator of what we are building on. We really need a big, preferably with some wetter, heavy snow to come in and then we have a large, natural avalanche cycle. We basically need to have a bunch of slides and wipe out this weak layer, pretty much start the snowpack all over again. Otherwise we'll have this persistent weak layer util the spring.

Here's the forecast:

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I've been skiing Telluride for 35 years and have a pass for a bunch of days this year but have not gone over yet.  The standard rule of thumb is that T-ride is not good for skiing the majority of the mountain until they have about a 50" base, but unfortunately that is their year to date total snowfall at this point. They only have mellow intermediate groomers open and are having one of their worst years ever so far.  They may open some other runs for the holiday crowds but it will undoubtedly be a junk show in the trough of every mogul unless they get dumped on big time.  They need a lot more snow to make skiing their classic steeps doable, much less good skiing.  T-ride is a spectacular place and if you are only interested in skiing groomed runs it might be worth the trip just for the experience, but if you are an expert skier and looking to experience the "real" Telluride skiing I suggest waiting until they have much better coverage.  There is snow in the forecast for the upcoming week, but at this point it is not anything really big. 

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Taos doesn't have much snow, although a bit more than T-Ride. If you were willing to drive to T-ride, you might consider asking your friends to meet you at Wolf Creek. Kinda half way between the two and more than twice the base snow than either.

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wolf is skiing better than anywhere in the state, except maybe Monarch, which has gotten similarly hammered and needs less snow to cover well. I would go to wolf before telluride.
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Thanks for all of the input. I decided to just save my money for a trip later on in the season. I'm excited for a few days in Taos though!

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I'm also headed to Telluride in a few weeks.  Starting to get nervous about the conditions but with living so far away we have to plan in advance, can't just chase the snow.  I really am hoping for some more snow otherwise this isn't looking like a good trip.  This will be my first trip to Telluride too.  Hopefully things pick up next week for our group.

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Fingers crossed end of Jan. is going to bring some weather patterns that favor the San Juans which could mean big dumps.  Looking good so far but these things change.

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