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Lucky's Weekend on the 192 Pilots

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Just getting it ready for you.
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im not Lucky, but i did just get done sking on the 192 Pilots. They are a very effortless ski, very easy to turn on groomers. Someone in a different thread said they rose very much like the skiing equivalent of a Cadillac. You can be going very fast and not realize it. Unfortunatly, i did get a chunck taken out of my base skiing in the trees.

Oh well, they will be out of the shop by this weekend, ready for snowshoe.
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jd, and others. I went to Crystal sun. The snow was fairly firm in the morning. The Pilot 10 (192) held well on the firm snow. As the snow softened they performed even better. This is a much better ski than the pre-production model. They were more stable at high speed than my X-Scream Series(195). This ski is a cruiser but can do much more. I loaded the shovels on purpose and they held and just carved a tighter turn. When I did this on the pre-production (186) model it felt like the shovel was folding up. Because there were some rocks showing (and hiding) I didn't get to ski as fast and aggressively as I wanted to. I did ski the bumps in Green Valley and they performed well. As soon as I get the rust of my skills, it was my first day, I am looking forwards to taking this ski out and pushing it. Because of limited cover I had no chance to try it off-piste.
Bottom line--big improvement over the pre-prod. model. I think this is a ski I will like even more as I put on the mileage. I also want to ski them back to back with the X-Scream Series. I hope we get more snow so I can do further testing.
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Sorry if I put the pressure on you by starting this thread, but you ski where my customers and I ski. I value your opinion, good or bad.

I have some questions:
When you say that they “held well on the firm snow” what skis are you comparing them to? Your X-Scream Series?
You mention the improved stability at speed compared to the Series but also say that coverage didn’t let you “ski as fast and aggressively as I wanted”. Can you elaborate on that a bit? Not the coverage but what you felt that gave you that impression.
Was the Pilot effect as obvious as before? Did you feel like you were skiing on something different or did everything feel normal?
You said that by loading the tips they just carved a tighter turn, which differentiated them from the pre-production demos. Are you saying that the sweet spot is much larger and that they accept a greater variation of technique type? That observation made regarding how loading the tips on the prototype made them feel like they “were folding up” reminded me of my experience with the MODX.
Are you saying that folks shouldn’t buy Green Demos?

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Sorry for the gape<FONT size="1">

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jd, Keep the questions coming I feel no pressure. I did compare the edge hold to my X-Scream Series which had very good edge hold when tuned 1/2 and 2 deg. I had compared my Scream Series to the 1s (silver and red) and felt the scream held as good or better in medium radius turns down iceburg on a firm snow (not ice) day.
Stability: When I said I couldn't be as aggressive as I wanted to it was due to a few things: It was my first day this year on skis, chair 9 was probably the best place to ski (less rocks) so there were a fair number or people on the runs and I got yelled at for skiing too fast. You could let them rip for maybe half the run but any place where the hill got steeper there were rocks. The stability I was refering to was in straight running. These skis didn't seem to swim like the X-Screams do when skied really flat. Could have been the tune (World Cup). Stability on edge was also very good.
This ski felt like it had a pretty even flex and I didn't feel that bending hinge effect that the pre-prod. model had.
The ski feels kind of heavy when you carry it and I don't know if they added extra metal to it or if its the binding. They did not feel heavy on the snow.
I think the ski does have a large sweet spot. We were told to ski the pre-prod. model slightly back which didn't feel good to me. I think the ski will work well with different techniques. I know I need more time on this ski to really scope it out.

I would not buy the pre-prod. model but some people might like it. Lack of beef, didn't hold an edge in my opinion.

For reference, where I like to ski: Grubstake, Banana Chute, Teddy Bear Chute, Paradise and Bruce's Bowls, Powder Bowl, Elbow, K-2 Face, Silver Basin, Brain Damage and Pinball, Bear Pits, Gun Tower/Niagras, Most of the North Back but I really get tired of I-5 and lower Northway. Also Lucky Shot in the morning when it's buffed and you can rip.
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Now who would yell at you for going too fast? They obviously ain’t got no culture.

Do you know how the Pilots were tuned?


ps...I5 really can take the pleasure out of an otherwise epic run in the North Back. Sometimes by the time you get back to the lifts the glow has sort of faded.
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jd, The Pilots were tuned with 1/2 degree base and 2 degrees side on Brents new $90,000 machine at World Cup. They were sharp out to the contact points which is the way I like them. Both Floyd and I felt they could have been a tad sharper under the boot area. Nit picking.
Not only does I-5 take the glow out of the run it also puts a glow in my left leg. The whoop de doos are fun too, not.

My Rockets should show up real soon. Now I just need some snow and some cash. Anybody want to buy an 84 RX-7?<FONT size="1">

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Oh yeah! The Whoop de Doos of Death. I hate those. Seriously though, thanks for the very specific feedback.

I really do look forward to when you can ski your Pilots and Series back-to-back. While I have skied the Series many times I have nowhere near the time you do on them so your experience will not only help me but many of my customers as well.


ps....Just one more thing....is the 1/2 x 2 tuning your choice?<FONT size="1">

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jd, It's what Dave and Barry recommended and it seems to work well. Did you see the other review on the Pilot 10?
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Yeah I did. Pretty positive. I'd better sell my Rockets fast so I can still get a pair.

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Ok... Just got my Pilot 10 186's yesterday. Put the bindings on and will get them tuned and try them out next weekend. I'll post my opinions then. I'm still struggling with the old school mentality on length. I have been on 203 slalom skis for 10 years and took the "new school" advice on shorter is better. I'm 180, 5"10" fairly aggressive Adv/expert Patroller. I hope these aren't too short. I don't have the option of demoing where I live.

Whats your weight ability etc?

What is the 1/2 by 2 edge tune you are talking about. Is that the degree of the edge? I don't know that much about it. Am I right in getting a tune on new skis? bases, edges etc?
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AK, 5' 11'' 185 I used to ski on 203 slaloms and 207 GS boards. Recently have been skiing on 195 X-Scream Series. Advanced to expert. Ski everything on the Mt. Not a real bump monkey.
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185lbs geared up
40 yrs old
skied for 30 yrs (missed a few)
Fairly aggressive Adv/Expert Patroller
skied on 203 Rossi 4S's for ten years

I now own a set of 192 Pilots. This is the first pair of shaped skis I have owned. Last year I skied on a pair of 184 Bandits for a day and was surprised at the stability even in the short length. I felt I wanted a little longer.

I have read as much on this ski as I think there is to read and must say that after skiing these sticks I am surprised about the mixed reviews. Some say good cruiser but not quick edge to edge and others the opposite and so the story goes.

I can describe the ski in one word- WOW.

I to got the Pro Deal but couldn't demo before I bought. I skied these things as fast as I could on packed powder with a few bumps and icy spots and they just kept going. What a smooth ski. Some have said it lacks energy. I think they must have been stoned or weak or something. These things tear it up. My stlye of skiing is to rip a few big long archs to get to my "speed zone" and then see how many turns I can make as fast as I can make them. These skiis just kept performing. I felt they were very quick edge to edge. Long fast turns, short quick fast turns down the fall line, medium cruiser turns you name it.
Not much snow yet where I am skiing so I only got a chance at a few medium size bumps on steeper terrain. Haven't ventured off into the glades or unpacked steeper terrain because of the fear factor (new skis no snow) I did hit a few piles of fluff though and they just blasted through.
I did notice I have to change my bump skiing style a little but that's about it. I thought they were great in the bumps. Just not a zipper line screamer.. but these are all mtns.
As far as price goes I think $1295 retail is to high but if you can get them for 600-950 thats about the same as buying skis and bindings by the time you get them mounted.
It's snowin right now so maybe this weekend I can try some fluff.
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