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ski tuning

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I recently moved to Amherst , NH ,  and would appreciate any recommendations for a good ski tuning shop in the area .

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Originally Posted by oldfool86 View Post

I recently moved to Amherst , NH ,  and would appreciate any recommendations for a good ski tuning shop in the area .


Well there's me but no one can afford me and I'll never get to them this time of year biggrin.gif


However, the local places I've used:


Ken Jones in Nashua (Spitbrook Rd) - great folks, do good work, usually have some special going on but if you want something special (i.e. not just what the machine was set up for on the last pair they did), you have to make sure you specify it a couple times.  Best to ask for Bill.


Ken Jones in Manchester (by the mall off exit 2 on 293.  can see it from the highway) - same as above but they are a little more race focused.  I happen to work with one of the techs (Ted) and he's very good.  He's done three pairs of skis for me this season and exactly what I wanted.  I'm sure the other techs are good to but I only have experience with Ted's services.


There is a bike shop in the Milford Oval - Souhegan Bikes - that tunes.  I've never used him but have heard good things.  He used to be a bike/ski shop but the latter wasn't doing so hot and the former was.  He still tunes though.  From what I understand he did a bit of racing and race coaching and knows his stuff.  Another nice guy.


Sport Loft on Amherst St across from Lowes - I haven't had a tune done there in several years.  I believe everything is done by hand.  Not sure.  Scott runs the place and is very helpful.


Zimmermans in Nashua on Daniel Webster.  Never had skis done there.  Good people and well stocked.


In MY Opinion - The best in the area is Mike DeSanti down in Farmington MA.  A bit pricey but he does exceptional work.  Used to be a WC tech and his entire education and career has been about skiing.  His site is  Lots of info at his site.  Its a little over an hour from here.


If you would like any info on Crotched, I'm your guy.  Smaller than some but with the high speed quad, you can cover 2-3 times the terrain you get at the bigger places in the same time.  We're just under 1100' vertical with a 3.5 minute ride to the top.  A long line is about 5 minutes.  I think they are currently 50% open and adding everyday.


Welcome to the area,



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+1 on Mike DeSantis. Another place I'd recommend that is also a bit of drive is Edgewise in Stowe run by Graham Lonetto, who like Mike,  is a former WC tech and does a great job.


Now that you're living in ski country, you might want to consider getting set up to do your own basic wax and edge. Lot of threads here with advice on how to do that.

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Wow ! Great information - thanks a lot .

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Thanks so much .

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