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Powder Chasers cat-skiing

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In your experiences, how has Powder Chasers on Jones Pass been for a day-trip cat skiing?  Would you recommend them, or a different outfit, like the one at Monarch Mtn, or Irwin (not sure if they do single day).  Are there others in CO you'd recommend?



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Are you talking about Powder Addiction on Jones Pass near Berthoud in Colorado?


If so, I can tell you that it is a terrific outfit with beautiful and varied terrain. See this thread from last year. Powder Addiction is considerably less money than Irwin which has a rep for "facing every way but north." I've not been on Monarch's cat, but it is also a value. You can hike out to some of the terrain they cat to from the chairs at Monarch Mountain. Monarch is a much smaller resort than Winter Park where PA is based.


If you really mean Powder Chasers, then igore the above.

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Sorry, I meant Powder Addiction.  Cool, glad to hear it's a good outfit.  So good terrain?

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Outstanding terrain!  I went last year when the coverage was not as good as it could have been and the guides still were able to find excellent turns.  The guides are top notch and Jaime was the patrol director at the Berthoud Ski Area.  Anybody who could keep Berthoud safe is safe enough for me!  You do not have to worry about getting vertical because these guys love to ski!

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I'm hoping to try out San Juan Cat Skiing for my first cat skiing outing. If that goes through, I'll let you guys know how it was!
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