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Question on ski length

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Hi guys and gals.  This is my first post here.  I'm new to owning my own equipments so I really appreciate the info that's on here.  Thanks!


I just got new skis for my girlfriend.  She's 113 lbs and 5'4" and a total beginner (she skied once before on a baby slope last year).  We bought the k2 Supersweet (2012) at 139 cm.  They had no inventory at ~145 cm, the next length up is 153 cm.  So I decided to go shorter because she's a beginner.  However, I'm having second thoughts now if that's too short and she would grow out of it too quickly.  Would the 153 cm be OK for her too?


For myself, I'm 168 cm tall and weight 140 lbs; an intermediate skier who wants to start doing double blacks.  I got the K2 AMP Rictor ('12) at 167 cm.  The next length down is 160 cm.  I had my 167 cm tuned and waxed already, so I can't really exchange them.  But for a FYI, which one would have been more appropriate for me?

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Looks like you are good with the 167cm. Your girlfriend might need a longer ski, she will need longer skis as she start to get better very soon...


My wife is about 5'3" and / 130lbs and start skiing on a 70mm/150cm last year and now I got her 78mm/152. I don't think she will have any problem with the 153, also the supersweet has a little bit of rocker and a short radius!

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You did not state how often she will be skiing, and how athletic she is. Depending on those factors, she may be wanting new skis in a season. If that is the plan, the 139 will be fine.

The Rictors in the 167 should be fine for you.

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Welcome to EpicSki.  I think your girlfriend will be fine on those skis, in fact she may progress a bit faster than if she had longer ones.  I know a guy who is over 183 cm and more than 200 pounds who skis on 155 cm skis.  He's a carving fool.  You should be fine with your ski s also.  I'm just about 170 cm and my daily driver is 170 cm Nordica Steadfast, which has an early rise tip.  Your skis have K2's "All Terrain Rocker" so there is at least some tip rocker which makes them ski a bit shorter than usual.  If there's also tail rocker, that will make them ski even shorter.  Just go have fun and make sure your girlfriend continues with lessons until she's making parallel turns.  Too many people stop taking lessons when they can stop and turn, then either never get beyond wedge turns or develop a lot of bad habits trying to figure out parallel turns.  The better you are, the more fun skiing is.

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Welcome, Canucks!


At 5'3" and 140 lbs, I started on Atomic 138 cm skis.  No regrets.  I didn't feel like I had clown shoes on.


If your girlfriend sticks with skiing, yes, she will outgrow the 139 cm length, but she'll also outgrow her beginner skis.  I used my beginner skis for 2 seasons - about 20 to 30 days - and was then ready to move up in both ski length and performance.  Around here (Washington DC area), women's skis of 150 cm and below fly off the racks at ski swaps in the fall.  If she takes good care of her skis, she should have no problem selling them when she's ready to move on.


I'll "amen" what mtcyclist said about lessons.  Not only did I learn a great deal from the lessons, so did my ski friend who is an advanced skier.  Yes, he learned from MY lessons.  After the lesson, I told him what we worked on and he and I repeated the drills together on the easy slopes.  Explaining it to someone was good reinforcement for me.  And his skiing actually improved as a result of tips and drills given to me as a beginner.  (If you decide to try that, tell her I said you should pay for her lessons!  biggrin.gif

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