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Boot fit too big

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I bought new boots 3 years ago. I went to a very reputable local shop and went through the process of trying on multiple boots. The person helping me said he suggested the speed machine 14 for me but didn't have any. He had me in the Dobermans and I liked them, but said I was spending 75% plus of my skiing with wife and kids but still wanted performance when I got away. Prior to these I skied race boots for years. Since he didn't have these boots, I bought the size he recommended off of the internet. Right from the beginning they felt like a lot less boot. I felt like I moved around in them. I took them into the same shop and they put in a heel lift. I don't remember why, but they are there. I eventually got use to these boots and if I really tighten them they get very stiff and my movement dies down. Bear with me, I'm almost to my question.... Just a little more background. I'm an advanced skier With 30 years of skiing. I ski 50% groom but live to get away and ski steeper off piste.

Now here's the problem. The boot shell is really too big. I can put 2 1/2 fingers behind my heel. I now have 60 or so day on them and would like to get another season out of them. Now that the liner is getting packed down, I'm lacking performance. I just bought my wife and both boys new boots and skis. I'd love to find a way to limp through another year. Any thoughts on what I could do to get another year out of the? Maybe some intuition liners?? I even thought maybe I could find one size smaller in same boot on eBay and then put an intuition liner in them. Help me avoid a $700-$800 purchase until at least next year.
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You've been lacking performance since day 1 but didn't know it b/c the liner was more or less stabilizing you foot at least for a while. An intuition liner is not great at taking up space but will possibly help you get another 20-30 days from the boots. However, I'd personally advise against throwing good money after bad. Best thing here is to get a new boot now (in the right size this time)........uhhhhh.......maybe from a different boot-guy.



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I think that's the right advise. It's not what I was hoping, but the mistake was made 3 years ago by purchasing off the Internet.
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I'm not certain the problem was purchasing off the internet although I see a lot of problems from customer that have.  But either way Sierra is right about starting over and personally I sell Intuitions and wouldn't waste more money on your boots.



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