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Lindsey Vonn out of the overall race...

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I know it's early to say this, but she's out. No way she can take the overall this year unless Maze literally breaks a leg. Could this be the end of her reign in the Women's cup?

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Nah, she'll be baaaack.


She is struggling with issues, may take her awhile to sort them.  I hope she overcomes it all.  She is an inspiration, among other things, to her peers.  She makes them better, faster.  I'm rooting for her. 

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I think that RTTT's point is that she may not be able to overcome Tina Maze for the overall. Maze has a 505 point lead as of now, and I don't believe that there's been any news as to when LV may return to  the WC, though the 1/12-13 DH and SG at St. Anton may make sense. There are two SL's and one GS before that date, so Maze's lead might well be more than 600 points at that point. 

From that 1/12 date forward, there are 6 DH's, 5 SG's, 4 GS, and 5 SL's. Going to be very, very hard to overcome a 600 point lead. The later on the calendar LV returns, the bigger the lead will be, and the fewer starts will be there to make it up. If LV returns at the World Championships, she will have missed two more DH's, two GS's and Maze will have had one more GS, and three more SL's. 

At that point with four DH's and three SG's left.....and who knows how much of a lead for Maze....say 700+ points, it's too late. This assumes that Maze stays healthy. IMO, LV should get healthy and well, and not push it, at all. She's still got a lot of her career ahead of her, and records to break. 

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If Maze wins the overall it will be a first in recent memory for a manufacturer (Stockli) that doesn't pay big bucks for a stable of athletes.  She podiums in everything but the downhill, and she isn't too shabby in that.


For the USA Mikaela Shiffrin is big news this year, along with a slew of women speed skiers.  Shiffrin is what, seventeen?   When was the last time someone that age killed it in a technical event?  The women getting four top tens in a single DH also doesn't suck. Nyman won a race and Ligety has 4 GS podiums so far, including 3 firsts.  The Sochi 2014 games aren't that far away, and now there is a good chance the USA can become dominate in several events assuming a healthy Vonn.  Who knows, maybe even Bode will stick around until 2014 since racing seems to do less damage than his golf swing.

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It seems like the past few seasons have been her dominating in DH and SG, with no one to even contend. Regardless of her issues this season, Maze is clearly going to be a dominant force from here on out. She's been up there in every race, regardless of the discipline, especially slalom and GS, two events that Lindsey has had issues with over the past few seasons. I feel that if all goes well for both Maze and Vonn next season it'll be Maze at the top in the end, simply due to the fact that Maze has consistency in finishing and placing in the top 5. No doubt Vonn will be unstoppable in DH and SG, but if she doesn't balance herself out again in GS or slalom she'll be out of the overall from here on out.

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As for 2014, the US will definitely be a dominant force in the Olympics. I don't think there will be a single dominant skier, though.

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Rainer Salzberger is quoted as saying that St Anton is the earliest that Vonn will be back


Here's the link http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/more-sports/vonns-equipment-supplier-says-she-wont-train-on-skis-during-break/article6538396/

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She's training on the snow in Europe again.

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I guess she didn't want Head to reassign any of her skis to her fellow team mates or other Head Racers biggrin.gif

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shes out for this year definetly. it would be a miracle if she was able to take the title at this point 

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