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How about a G31 Review?

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Hey fellow skier...How about a Volkl G30/G31 Review? I would love some feedback from owner and critics alike. Thanks.
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My info:
Age 30
Height 6'00"
Weight 170
Level 8

Volkl G31
Modifications - The ski is very similar to last year's, the only difference being a slight flareing-up of the tail (along the lines of the G40, but not as extreme of a flare).

The Verdict - This ski felt like it had the most side-cut of the group (Salomon Pilot, Bandit XX, K2 Mod X) and, accordingly, was very carvy. This ski felt lively and very comfortable right from the beginning. Super easy to initiate turns and hold a solid carve throughout. It was also a surprisingly stable ski given how responsive it is - ultra stable when on edge and moderately so going straight (it seemed like it really wanted to turn even when I was trying to run it straight).
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5'9, 130lbs. I just bought a pair of the G31's in 178. I am not sure if I am gonna take them back or keep them, but if I do keep, I will let you know how they perform.<FONT size="1">

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level 7-8
49 yrs. old

I have the G31 in 188 with Salomon 900 Power Axe bindings. I am very happy with these skis. They seem to do everything well for me from crud to hard packed to bumps. They are not my favorite for just hard packed or just bumps but are great for the pair of skis to take for varying conditions or on a trip where the conditions could be anything.<FONT size="1">

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Ski: G-30 178cm
Height 5'8"
Weight: 140
Level 9+

A bit late but..... Love the skis. A very powerful ski that doesn't have to be skied aggressively to perform. Very good control. Not as forgiving as the X-Scream Series but then again it shouldn't be. Likes most terrain and snow conditions...even the terrain park.
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