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volkl, k2, rossignol, dynastar, atomics... What for moguls

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I am still up in the air about what to buy. I am 5'9" and 145 lbs, and my two main criteria are moguls and hard snow grip (I ski out east).
Everyone says good things about volkls, but they seem more all-mountain and powder-focused. What would be volkl's best mogul ski?
I am considering the k2 axis x(from last year, not this year), which is supposed to be good in moguls but not amazing in hard snow grip.
I am also thinking about the Rossignol T-Power Viper X PPS from last year, which took #1 in moguls in ski magazine's all mountain expert category last year. As I can get a pair shipped for $320.. this is my best bet i think. Any other Rossi's I should be considering?
Dynastar Speed SX's have great hard snow grip but I dont know how they are in moguls. How about the Ski Crosses?
As for Atomics, nobody can make up their mind as to which is best in the moguls. I think the general trend is towards the 10 for moguls.
Any comments on any of these skis would be helpful, especially comparisons. If there are any skis that I should be considering.. please tell me.
Thanks a lot.
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Oh yeah what about the volant gravity power's or the machete soul's? Ski magazine likes volants for moguls.
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There are a lot of questions in here... Somebody must have an opinion. Give me some help here.
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I will address the Axis X and Viper X PPS. I own both. I bought the Viper X PPS specifically for skiing moguls since we get lots of them in this part of Montana. I am extremely pleased with my choice. Once you figure the ski out it is quick and nimble. It is not suited for skiing moguls classic zipper line style but very adept at other techniques in moguls.

I had fun getting used to the Viper X PPS in moguls for a couple reasons. First, the ski is very efficient & does not easily skid its tail. Ergo, I ended up picking up too much speed my first few times in the moguls. Second, the ski should be skied very centered. It is very easy to load up the Viper Xs' tails and jet them out from under you. Although I bought the Vipers for moguls I have found them to be a great ski for cruiser runs. I absolutely love my Vipers.

The Axis X has been knocked by some for its mogul performance. I'm not sure why since I find it one of the easiest mid-fats to ski moguls with I've tried. The Axis X is dampened which doesn't excite some people (including me in most conditions) but its well behaved mannerism makes it very forgiving in the moguls. Like most mid-fats the Axis X won't set an edge as fast as something like the Viper X but that isn't that bad in moguls since a little skidding helps check your speed. I would avoid taking the Axis X into icy moguls but they are a blast in crud turning to moguls.

Between the two I would definitely go with the Viper X out east and the Axis X out west.

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i like skiing bumps too. my rossi bandit x's ski bumps real well. not as good as my old viper z,s but the bandits do everything else much better especicially hard pack,
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I can't speak to any of the other brands you mention in your plea for help, but Volkl does make a very good mogul ski called the Straight Line [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] . I would recommend you search this forum, and other sites, to see if the Straight Line is what you're looking for in a new pair of skis. I can tell you that, unlike contemporary shaped skis, the Volkl is more straight in its side cut. What I do not know is if other current mogul skis are more straight as well; though, I'm confident that some of the talented folks that monitor this site will offer their own pearls of wisdom in an effort to help you make the right choice.

As luck would have it . . . . I have a new pair of 190's from a couple years ago that I can offer you for $200 plus shipping.

Best of luck in your quest.
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