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Snow getting into ski boot

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I have some Technica Vento 10 HVL, that I had custom fit a few years ago. I have very wide feet and big calfs. They were made a little wider.

My feet have been kind of cold the last few weeks. I thought maybe I was just getting old with poor circulation, but I noticed that when I took out the liner that there was a bunch of snow packed into the toe area. There was also some snow around the top of my forefoot on the outside of the liner. The toe area of my liner was wet. It was the same on both boots.

I figured put some duct tape around the front of the boot right before the first buckle, because I figured that might be where snow was coming in. I also tried tightening the forefoot buckles a little more (usually I have left them pretty loose).

I took them apart today after i got home from skiing for a few hours and there is still water in there. I doubt it's all perspiration. It was wet around the toe, and under the bottom of the liner.

The plastic on the forefoot of this boot is extremely flexible and not the same as the rest of the shell. I'm wonder if maybe when I flex or turn in a certain way if there is enough of a gap for snow to get in.

I'm not sure what to do, or if there is anything I can do. Do I just need to look at new boots? Ski only when it is dry out? Or something else. I don't really know why this would be happening.

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Are you saying that snow got by the duct tape or it got in where you didn't tape?

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This is what I would do if I experienced that problem.  Remove the liners and the zeppas, put the shells in the bindings. pour water into the shell up to the level of the duct tape.  If there is a crack or hole large enough for snow to enter, the water should be able to exit by the same route.  If the only place the water exits is at the duct tape, remove the tape, dry the shell and re-tape that area.

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It seems to be getting in, between the 1st and 2nd buckle on my forefoot. There is no duct tape there. I guess I could put some tape on there but I would need to put new tape on every day.
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Your description made it sound like the area where is was wet was at the end of the toes.  If it is getting in between the first and second buckle, I think you need new boots.  I am really curious how it can do it that though.  I have cabrio style boots which logically seem like they should be more prone to snow leaking in due to the tongue of the boot but that isn't the case.  In the meantime I would definitely recommend going back to your old method for buckling the first buckle since over tightening that buckle is a quick trip to cold toes.

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Yeah. There is snow getting into the toe area, but I'm pretty sure it is coming in around the tongue where the boot plastic overlaps. There is a gap there, unless I tighten the front buckles to make it uncomfortable.
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Try some silicone caulk like used for tubs etc.  Open the shell a bit and squeeze a bit it into the gaps.  Buckle the boots very loosely and let the silcone cure.  Then when put them on and tighten them, you should have a decent seal.  Did this once on a pair that was letting water in in the spring and it worked pretty well. 

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Good idea with the silicone caulk. I'll try it.
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I dealt w this for years & would tape everything. It worked sorta.

For me, I could not take it & now ski in a cabrio boot 99% of the time.
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If you were to wear a boot glove (though your feet aren't cold) you should be able to keep the snow out. They cost about $30 and no modifications needed.
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