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Rossignol B2 Bandit- Good for beginners?ue

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Hey everyone, 


I just picked up a like new pair of Rossignol B2 Bandit skis with Marker bindings for $50 with poles and a bag. Not sure if its a good deal. Anyway here's the story. 


My wife and I are going to Angel Fire Jan. 7 and I got these skis. I am from Texas and have been snow skiing two times. I felt like I was pretty good for a beginner. I am athletic and learn new activities fairly quick. 


My question is are these skis ok for someone with a beginner skill level? Will they be of any use to me or should I just rent some? I am 5'11 180lbs and athletic. The skis are a 170cm, which I think will be a good size?


Any feedback is much appreciated!



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Welcome to EpicSki!  Can't help with the ski question, but hopefully others will be able to answer your questions soon.


Check out this thread by a man who is headed to Angle Fire in early Jan.  The OP and his wife will be on skis for the first time.  Their sons are going to snowboard.  You may be there at the same time.  The thread has general advice for newcomers to the slopes.



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Owned these. They were a nice ski for their time, won a lot of awards. Light, fairly smooth (Rossi has always been good at that combo), great in light pow and bumps, not great on ice or crud, quick to initiate, but more of a big arc cruiser than a zippy carver. If they're in good shape, a fine deal. And entirely appropriate for a beginner or intermediate. Back when they were hot, everyone from stemers to experts skied them. 

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+1   Those are excellent skis, well respected and skied by many.  


Have a great trip.

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... all of the above and 170cm is a great size for you right now.


Enjoy your trip.

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If really in "like new" condition, how can you go wrong?  The B2 was definitely not a beginner ski, more like intermediate and up.  That said, you own them, and they were a decent ski in their day.  I owned a pair of the earlier Bandit X and liked them.  But technology has advanced and the newer skis are just better.

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Should be fine. The last thing most beginners need is an overly soft  beginner's ski that is worthless on firm snow.  While the B2 is not a racing ski it will hold an edge well enough at beginner speed and will still turn easily. 

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I skied the B2s for several years.  Great ski.  Should be good for you!

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