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Best Ski Jacket

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I'm looking to get my first nice ski jacket. Nothing crazy expensive of course but there's so many choices I'm having trouble choosing. I am looking at the North Face Reardon that's posted on the gear guide on here. I just wanted to see if anyone here has had any experience with that. I'm just looking for suggestions in general. I can go to about 230 would be the top of my price range. I just want to make sure the Reardon is worth the price. I'm having trouble finding any reviews on it. 

Thanks in advance!

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Don't pay full price. It's not hard to find good deals on ski gear if you search the web. I always get all my gear from Sierra Trading Post since they have great deals and you can easily grab a 35% + free or 99 cents shipping. Don't pay their full price shipping since it's kinda expensive! They have many MH Dry.Q Elite jackets (Alakazam, Drystein II, Snowtastic, Victorio, Snowpocalypse) and they are all good jackets, it will depend what do you like on a jacket and how do you like the fit. They also have an Outdoor Research Vanguard Jacket.


I highly recommend you buying brands that will offer lifetime warranty like OR, MH, Patagonia, Arcteryx...


Are you looking for any specific feature? Like powder skirt, lots of pockets, pack friendly?

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I'm looking for one with a powder skirt cause I don't want to be caught without one. I also like solid colors.I just want something that's not too bulky. I could wear a fleece under. 

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Does anyone have any personal experience with the quality of the brand Orage?

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Orage is fine. I have a jacket and pants. Not junk and not super high end but will certainly be good enough for resort use.
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I had problems with my Orage jacket zipper.  Fortunately, STP has a great return policy.  I sent them back much later, (but used only one time), and purchased a Goldwin jacket thru them.

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