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Thanks for sharing that. What an impressive, interesting life he lead!

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Originally Posted by tedmorgan View Post

Hi All.  Ted (and Andrew) Morgan here, we are Ted Sorensen's nephews and we have this idea of putting together a ski video of Ted, his family, and friends.  We need your help to pull this off.  The hope is to get photos, videos, and stories from his ski friends and family and then create a video (Warren Miller Style) of Ted on and around the mountains.  So please have a look at the following webpage, http://form.jotform.us/form/23615229457154 , it should allow you to submit files and information about yourself.  


We hope to pull something nice off by his funeral on 1/11/13.  The success of this project depends on contributions from all of you.  


Thanks so much Ted and Andrew.



6 photos submitted and a brief story.  Hope something nice with lasting memories comes together for all who knew Ted.

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Thanks Jgiddyp

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Sorry to hear it Pete. I'll raise a glass to you and Ted after skiing today.
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Pete, sorry for your loss. I'll say a prayer & ski a run in Ted's honor. My condolences to you & his family

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Service was today in auburn calif., great turnout for Ted he had alot of friends. Skiers from Tahoe Buck from Olypic Bootworks, Mark Meiers from Oakland Fire, Joe Vitales,Biggie,Ray Brandt longtime friend and skier,Bob.Young, Tom Connors, Greg and Dan Young from so.California,Gay Jones Sacramento fire,George Brown Saturday ramento PD, Chip Kessler from Portland Ore fire, Ray Toggweiller, Shannon.. Thanks and it was great to see everyone even if for a tragic reason.Nice to read all the San Jose firefighters. And the some odd two hundred people.Ted will be missed by many. Thanks to everyone here on Epic for your comments and condolences. Several people at thenservice thanked me and you for the tribute to Ted here on Epic including his son Derek. Rest In Peace Ted.
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Thanks for checking in, Pete. What a great tribute to Ted that so many showed up for his family.  

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When I think back, I guess I have known Ted since grammar school.  Although he was 3 years older than me, we also attended the same jr high and high school.  He was a good friend of my older brother, Garth, and they stayed in close contact, both living and working in San Jose.  From time to time, on his days off from the fire department, he worked for our family business.  But I never really got to know Ted until about 6 years ago when my brother suggested that we meet for some skiing at Squaw Valley.  At the time I thought, I ski with a pretty fast crowd ...I hope Ted can keep up.  At the end of the day, Ted said to me when Garth suggested we ski together, he thought, I like to ski steep and fast ...I hope Dale can keep up.  Boy ...at the end of the day did we have a laugh about that!  From then on, Ted and I met up several times a year to enjoy the slopes together at Northstar, Sugarbowl, Homewood, Squaw Valley and Mammoth.  On many occasions, Ted and I signed up to do the same clinic at the annual Professional Ski Instructors Association Convention.  I have many great memories of my ski days with Ted, but my most memorable day was at Mammoth.  He invited me to join Pete, Lloyd and some other friends for the Police and Fire Games, but when we arrived, there was a big storm and the games had to be cancelled.  Undaunted, Ted and I put on our powder skis and pounded the steep chairline of lift #22.  I was a big weather day, but we had great visibility in the trees ....and no one else had discovered this great stash of powder!  I will continue to cherish the memories of my skiing with Ted, and agonize over the fact that I was 100 yards from him when he died on the mountain. 

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Thanks for sharing that Dale.  So sorry you lost your friend.

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It was snowing and cold in Tahoe all day Friday. Someone was looking down on us!


You will be Missed Ted. While we could not make the Memorial, We made a few turns for you!


Thanks to all the friends and family for sharing this wonderful person with us..

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Thanks Dale, that was a great day at Mammoth.  You probably didn't notice me I was the slow guy behind you and Ted.  

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Sorry we missed you while you were this way, but we understand. 

We're thinking of you Pete. 

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Sorry we missed you while you were this way, but we understand. 

We're thinking of you Pete. 


Thanks TC.  Didn't even take my skis.  Nice to be home.

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Just wanted to make one more entry.  Thankyou everyone for your empathy and thoughfulness - Epic and it's skiers are very special.  Ted was a very special friend and I will miss him very much. Although Ted didn't post here on Epic he was truly a devoted skier in all ways.  Racer, instructor, Atomic salesman, Java Mt. Sports rep., course worker at the Salt Lake Olympics, repeated course worker at the World cup downhill at Beaver Creek, confidant, ski partner and above all a good friend.  


Thankyou Everyone and Rest in Peace my friend.

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FYI Mike Iman, his boss from Sugarbowl also sent his regards. He was also tied up on Friday.
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