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Aiguille du Midi opener

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With loads of snow on the ground and the Midi opening it is time for some fun.

Opening the gate 

The ridge is a bit sharp in places

I'd rather be on 2 edges 170cm long than 24 points 1cm long 

A bit narrow and steep

Some nice powder off the ridge

No one's skied the Vallee Blanche yet?

Round towards the Col du Cosmiques 

A few narrow steps to enter 

It's a bit airy on the entrance 

On the face, lovely conditions but still an intimidating 45+ degrees

The arete separating the face from the Exit couloir 

Dropping in to the exit couloir

Onto the Glacier de Bossons

Winding through the Crevasses and Seracs

Out of the crevasses 

From here on down we roped up and skied into the glacier du Bossons, followed by the woods and then roadside back to the parking!
Unfortunately weather dictated no more pics 
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Amazing. Sometime I have to make it to Chamonix but until I do, I get to live vicariously through your incredible trip reports.

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Thanks - - great photos.
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Every one of your reports makes my day happier.


Keep 'em coming.  We appreciate them.

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Great Photos.  We skied the Vallee Blanch in March 2012 during a warm spell.  It was a very memorable experience.  The scenery is unbelievably beautiful.

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Scared silly just looking at those perspectives. Maybe scared to death if I was really there. redface.gif

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That "Narrow and Steep" pic is pretty cool, to look at :).  Great pics!

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