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Yesterday Ive been in the Kitzsteinhorn glacier under a terrible windy and snowy weather. There was about 10 cm of new snow in the piste and the wind was burning in the face, plus visibility was close to nil. Perfect time to test some skis:

* Kastle LX92: not impressed, dont see the hype
* Some old armada and K2 twintips: not impresses (although more grippy than I was expecting)
* RTM 77: impressed, handled well the bad conditions (handled similar to my Outland 80 Pro, reassuring)

Then I've tested 2 skia that I was curious but was more for curiosity, as Ive never pictured myself with race skis:
* Atomic D2 redster SL 165cm
* Atomic D2 GS 184 cm

To say that I enjoyed the shit out of those skis is an understatement, specially the SL. I was completely surprised because:
- Im far from being skiing in the envelope those skis are meant to
- Im far from being the type of skier this skis are intended to
- The conditions were crap with lot of new snow accumulated in some points
- All my previous experience with SL skis was very unpleasant (dynastar omeglass, a flappy Rossi 8 WC SL, some extremely heavy Elan racing and couple of others I couldnt remember

The atomics felt good, no flapping, even in the poor condition the piste was. They were quick and angry in a good way.

As an intermediate trying to discover new stuff (which is why I went for a demo day), I was pleased.

In the past I had bad experiences with SL, even where they were supposed to excel (man made, small hills, ice) which made me go with a larger driver, which despite being hard snow oriented, its not as nimble and fun as the SL

So some points:
- Were the previous SL's as good as this one and I was too bad a skier to notice (or not so good legs)?
- Or is this redster the bee's knees?
- Would this ski be too much for me, in the hypothetical situation that I go for one of these (Im a heavy guy, should be able to bend anything without a raceplate, although in the past the blackeye ti 181 did tire me)? Mind you Im not doing any racing whatsoever, just really enjoyed the feel. My current ski is a Dynastar Outland 80 pro 178, which I like too

The test made me completely rethink my skis expectations (on smaller skis) and I will certainly go for renting one day and check all the other skis that I had inadvertently put in my blacklist.