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Living in Asia, been here for 18 months; can't handle another season without skiing. Has anyone ever skied anywhere in Korea? Right now considering the pretty much anywhere, but YongPyong seems to be the biggest resort. Any and all advice or experience would be great. 

The group I'd take would include myself: level 8/9 with 20+ years of Canadian Rockies skiing, as well as a 5/6 New Zealander with 3-5 years, and a complete noob who'd rent a snowboard and take lessons for a day, also probably other noobs would tag along. 


Again, anyone who'd been anywhere in Korea and could give any reviews would be awesome. 

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Gangnam Style!


Actually, I would love to ski Korea -- that's where our son was born.


Be sure to post some pics when you go. I heard it is super crowded with a lot of out-of-control skiers.

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Good idea, see it & ski it.  Somebody on here was talking about going over last Spring, do not remember who though.  Did find this thread from a few years ago, they probably did not move the mountain too far since then.  Would suggest you do a more complete search on here, sure you will find more info.  Pictures please.

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Yeah, I saw that thread, was hoping for anything more detailed or current. A this place = good or this place = not so good. What would be really, really, really wonderful info is if anyone knows if you can ski the trees between the Gold Fantastic, Gold Valley, New Gold, and Gold Paradise runs - looker's left side of the trail map:

Wherever I end up I'll post a review and pictures. 

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Wow - looks like they could have a lot more terrain if they wanted.

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You'd be much better off going to Japan.  Much better snow, terrain and infrastructure.

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Skiing in Korea is very crazy.  If you are in Korea then its worth going, but to go to Korea from elsewhere for skiing is not worth it.  It is crazy crowded at the bottom, no lines, just hundreds of people pushing toward the lift.   However, becuase nobody knows how to ski, once you get up to upper lifts its quite uncrowded.  If you have to fly to get there its not worth it probably.   What about the skiing in Northern China in Heilongang Province?  Probably a lot cheaper but I don't know anything about it.

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I have been to Yong Pyong couples of years ago. I don't think I will go there again.

IMO it is small, snow usually icy, crowded, un-interesting terrain, poor rental equipment. I rather go to Japan even though Japan is more expensive, the snow is definitely better.

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Originally Posted by TeddyO View Post

What about the skiing in Northern China in Heilongang Province?  Probably a lot cheaper but I don't know anything about it.

I don't know whether skiing in China is cheaper, might be a bit cheaper than Japan. Etiquette is a problem. Another worry is safety of the equipment, eg. the ski lift, gondola etc. I heard they were not that well maintained.


Also, it is freezing up there, -20 degree C on a better day.

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My mother grew up in Harbin, Heilongang Province.  When it was -40 they did not have to go to school, so -20 C is hardly worth mentioning.  Come to think of it,  -20 C is rather commonplace if one skis in the NE US.

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