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When I was there with the family 2 years ago we got to see a kid (17 or so) do the luge wearing only a pair of tighty whites. it was less than 10 degrees at the top, but that wouldn't seem to be the big problem.  He had lost a bet.  The guide said it happens all the time.


As for the restaurants, we didn't really have a bad meal.  Between Yelp, Tripadvisor and Urbanspoon it's a great town for food.

Sounds like a bet I would've taken back in college...haha!

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Sounds like you are "above average" for skiers from Alabama. wink.gif  Take your wife to Alta and find the Supreme lift.  She can have fun on the blue groomers while you drop into the short blacks.  Easy to meet up.  Once she's warmed up, lots of options depending on snow conditions.


If a sit down lunch break is of interest, there is Watson's or Alta Lodge over on the Collins side.

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Since the OP and wife are "average" skiers from Alabama, Alta may be better for a first trip up LCC than Snowbasin.  Mineral Basin is better for those who are comfortable on at least easy blacks out west.  When I was an intermediate, I skied both Alta and Snowbasin.  Had much more fun at Alta.

Yeah I'm very comfortable with most of the blacks I come across out west but the wife avoids them at all costs even though she can handle them just fine as well...

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