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Cheap park ski

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I am looking for a cheap park ski and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. 

I currently have the rocker 2 90, but that is in no way suited for park so I will be using that as my all mountain ski. 


I was looking at the volkl ledge in 179, which I can pick up for about £260 with marker squire bindings. 


Appreciate any suggestions, but as I live in Europe, American sites are no good as shipping costs and import duties make the cost ridiculous. 


Im 17, 6'0, 150 pounds and an advanced skier although I am just getting into park. 

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I got the ledge, and for the price, there is really no competition. If you want a really fun ski, and you don't spend all your time outside the piste, then get it. Funniest ski i ever had. Since i an Dnaish, i do not always have access to mountains, so i guess i am starigt forward an advancing skier, and in that context the ski is perfect:-)

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Just to make sure, you do have your own boots, right? I sadly spend a fair bit of time in the UK and the number of people I encounter there who have skis but no boots is alarmingly high.




Don't ever buy new skis in the UK. Over priced even when on sale.


As far as buying skis in europe is concerned:

Their skis are reduced, and their ski & binding packages make bindings dirt cheap. Shipping to the UK is 15 euros and usually takes no longer than a week. For example, including shipping and binding mounting, the Ledges with Squires would cost £224.

With regard to park skis, I wouldn't get anything that's specifically a pipe ski if you're in the UK (for obvious reasons... no pipe anywhere), something with reinforced sidewalls and edges for rails and boxes should hopefully last a little longer if the skis are going to see a lot of abuse (i.e. park skiing). 
Skis like the Ledge have reinforced sidewalls etc. , most park skis nowadays do but it's worth checking.




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Who the F*CK would get a ski, and not boots? That makes no sense! :-)

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