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Hi. Looking for some help please.

I am buying a pair of all mountain skis for my 16 year old daughter. She is an advanced east coast skier and is 5'5'' and 130lbs, and physically a very strong yound lady.

I have read the ski reviews on the Volkl Kenja 2012 and they seem very perfect for her. I also noticed the Dynastar Exclusive Eden got get scores for the 2013 reviews, but the 2012 skis seem the same ski but did not score or rank in magazine reviews.

Is the 2012 Eden the same ski as the 2013?

She skies mostly in east coast (VT, NH) and likes to ski everything from groomers fast to trees, bumps, etc. Anyone have an opinion on the comparison of these 2 skis, and possible length for her (I am looking at 170cm for Kenjas and probably 165cm for Edens). THANKS.