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PUmp Bump

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I have protrusions on the outside of each lower heel where the Achilles connects to the heel. I get rubbing there and on this trip actually broke the skin open on both. Boots are ATomic RT 26 shell wear an 11 shoe . Have Harb footbeds soles canted I think I am good with this. MAybe you can get a finger behind the heel with foot in the shell .I can not believe I could down size further. Anyway thought I needed a punch on both boots so I could elevate the rubbing at the heel. Went in to see a filter last night here at Vail and he told me no way after shell fitting me that a punch would be a solution. TOld me I had a tight fit but my foot was sliding in the boot due to my skinny chicken legs. HE said he had the same issue .HE installed pads on the front cuff of the liners to push me further back in the boot. WIll ski the boots this morning and hopefully this helps I have the Booster straps on the boots. I do not buckle the top buckle all that tight just snug and use the BOoster to pull the tongue in a bit more. Anyway I thought the foot sliding reasoning inn a tight fitting boot was counter intuitive to me but the skinny lower leg cause in my case I believe has merit. He also commented the heel pocket in the RT boot was a bit roomy compared to some other models Wondered what you guys think of this solution THanks.
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unload the bump by grinding where it sits in the shell---can't see your feet from here---- not sure what else might need to be done.



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Thank you for your comments. One thing I failed to add that I believe has contributed to my issue is, I have been walking about 150 yards in the boots to the lift every morning and back at the end of the day. I have been booting up in the condo I am staying at. I can feel my heel rubbing when I walk in the boot which was whyp I thought I needed a punch to make more space . When skiing I would only get the movement of the heel rubbing in the hel pocket when in the chop I would decelerate when skiing through some thick piles of pushed up snow. So what you guys believe might aleviate my problem is grinding in this area. I think somebody posted last year that if you grind you need to grind actually above the spot where you rub . The basis to do this was explained that when yourq heel moves up you want the shell thinner at this point. I never would have believed that I had too much room in the heel pocket with these boots My thinking was they are painful to walk in because of just the opposite reason , that being the shell fit is too tight. I traced my foot last year and it was 288 mm long I can't remember what is most important now which would be my heel width! The boots are 304 mm.
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