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   I got this in my E-mail yesterday. With all the fuss over the big resorts in Utah, Sundance gets overlooked. It's very low key, very romantic, and exquisitely beautiful. It sits in the lap of Mt. Timpanogos, the highest and biggest mountain in the Wasatch and Redford has done everything in his tree- huggin' power to keep it unspoiled. It's in Telluride's class for beauty. imo... The rustic cabins have wood burning fireplaces and the base buildings are all single story, rough hewn wood nestled under tall pines with a rambling stream running through it. Magical place. The ski hill is small by Western standards, but has plenty to offer. It's perfect for intermediates and kids honing their skills, and if you're a black diamond skier on a powder day it's your own private club. Not that I'm prejudiced- I had a season pass there my first couple winters in Utah, and the winter of 92-93 it snowed a foot of fresh every night in January, so if you didn't learn to ski powder quick, you didn't ski at all. I got married there. Like I said, romantic.

     With a car, you can hit the Cottonwoods in 45 minutes going up the Wasatch front 1-15 corridor, or the Park City resorts in the same amount of time going up Hwy 89 & US 40 through the back way, the lovely Heber Valley....and I always recommend heading up to Snowbasin further up the road via U.S. 84 as it's so amazingly beautiful. Pow Mow is up there too. I know as a long time city dweller (lower Manhattan) I couldn't get enough of these scenic drives in Montana, Utah and Colorado before I moved out here.


 Sundance favors southern storm systems, so there are times that it gets even more snow than the Cottonwoods, but it's not the lake effect funnel they are. It is worlds away on the mellow scale. This year there's lots of snow everywhere, we're off to a great start. Highly recommend it. Leave the smelly guy trip for another place. Bring someone special.




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What if the someone special IS a smelly guy???

Seriously, though, nice post. I've always kinda wanted to go there. 

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Sundance really is a great ski area.  If it were not surrounded by world class stuff there would be a lot more buzz about it.  The lifts are a bit slow, the terrain is not massif but diverse. The base area looks like a mining camp, with some of the best cafeteria you will find; try the BBQ out on the deck.  Much more of a neighborhood ski area vibe here than felt at most of the resorts of Utah.  Midweek there was nobody there, and do not remember ever seeing such a high % of skiers with season passes.  


The scenery is, just look.  Took this with a cell phone in fading light.  





icon14.gificon14.gif Heber Valley, it is really a treat.  Don't tell anybody but some of the best golf in Utah can be found there too; for pretty darned cheap.

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