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Please Help / ASAP! / Stolen Mobile Shop

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Please help, this can't be easy to hide!

Fuxi is a great guy & purveyor of all kinds of uber hard to find gear!

Please assist as a community!
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To the top.

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It is up on Fuxi's Facebook site too.

Watch out for cheap Fuxi stuff on EBay and Colorado Craig's list.

It would help if we knew what was in the trailer.

I love my two Fuxi boot bags and he used to be a Michigan guy so be on the watch!

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This sucks. Fuxi is a great guy. Nobody needs this, particularly in this business. Agree this would be kind of hard to hide. Hope they find it before it's looted, and then hope they find the scumbags who were involved. I doubt that it will make it's way to New England. Best of luck to Fuxi with this. 

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It would be more helpful to put a location somewhere. I assume it's Vail (Eagle County), but it would be better to have the specifics on there (i.e. what Edwards?). It looks like the poster was made to hang locally.

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Back to the top, keep on the lookout...CL, eBay...Check your newspaper for the trailer for sale...????

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Hello Brian,,

Thanks for your NICE POST at EpicSki and you concern about Fuxi missing Trailer with a LOTS of Fuxi Products in the Trailer as we just returned all the Products from our Copper Mountain Fall Outing at the Fuxi FOX HOLE "1StopShop"

I was still in the office Tuesday 1AM and came back at 6.50AM before I was heading off to Snowmass the Trailer was GONE filled with Fuxi Products as you have seen them.

Here are some updated NEWS from the DENVER Sheriff's Department: YES -- A Girl got caught by the Denver Police with a STOLEN Car in the Denver Area - inside the STOLEN Car she was in possession with Fuxi Products such as KOMPERDELL POLES -- ARTICA Jackets - HOODIES -- GOGGLES -- HOT BANDIT FLEECE BANDANAS -- and various other products which only makes up for 5% of the missing FR USA Products. The BIG Picture of all is there are multiple people involved in the SCAM and the Trailer still missing -- BUT a lead is there and hopefully the PRESSURE on the JAILED Girl will have more leads by tomorrow with the whereabouts for the missing Trailer.

Happy upcoming Holidays - Fuxi
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According the latest Police Report the Girl is still in Jail without BOND --
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A few days ago, Franz Fuchsberger (aka FUXI) delivered his large box trailer to it's parking space next to his showroom in Edwards, Co. He left the showroom at approx 1:30am, and returned at approx 6:00 am. During that time, some low life scum of the earth types managed to hook up his trailer and take it away!


Loaded in the trailer was a considerable amount of his product, Stockli skis, Speed suits, Komperdell poles, lots of clothing, gloves,and just too much to describe! Most of his stuff has the familiar FUXI branding on it!


The only lead in recovering the trailer and product is a woman who was arrested in Denver, driving a stolen car with some of FUXI's product in it. She is currently being held without bail in Denver, but claims that she does not remember anything, as she was declared to have been in a drug overdosed state at the time of her arrest.


If anybody happens to see FUXI's trailer (you can't miss it, as the advertising is unmistakable) or begins to hear of a large quantity of new product being sold via CraigsList or by mouth in the Denver area, please contact FUXIRACING USA, the Eagle County Sheriff's Dept or the Denver Police Dept!




Let's find these scum bags and put them behind bars where they belong! There is nothing lower than a thief!


(When Fuxi gets me a more comprehensive list of the stolen product, i will post it to this thread)

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