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I think I just need new liners, but before I do that, I want to be sure ... boots have about 120 days on them, with DFP intuition HD liners. I struggled with the stock liners at first, but once the DFPs were in, I was very happy. I had to start buckling the instep for the first time at the end of last season, and this season I started out with some noticeable packout (instep buckle is on 2! never happened in my entire life!) 


Began having some left leg back-of-knee and head-of-gastroc pain (along with some numbness down toward the ankle) in November; have been seeing pt for therapy on this about once a week. Didn't notice that it was related to my boots, but I am realizing that skiing is aggravating it. Skied three days in a row over the weekend, and by Monday afternoon my entire outer leg up sciatic nerve was crying. Took a day off, skied again today, and after an hour or so, same thing. Stretching and self-mobilizing my fibula sort of help, but it gets bad again when I go back and ski. 


I'm not sure if it's a chicken and egg thing, but is this common when liners start packing? Never had it before (not a big fan of it, in fact), it almost seems like a canting issue, except I don't know why it would appear after this long in the boot.


(Oh yeah, boots are  TEcnica Inferno 130s, saddles cut last March -- in fact, after that was done, I was having some outer leg pain in the left leg for a while, but it seemed to go away after a few ski days ... then our season ended abruptly. DOn't know if that is related but I thought I would add it.)