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Changing Swix pole baskets

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I could not find a recent thread on this topic so I thought I would share me experience in replacing the race baskets on my Swix poles with the larger "standard" baskets. Unlike my old Scott poles that had plastic baskets with aluminum ferrules, Swix has a ferrule that stays on the pole whilst the baskets are replaced. I tried to use a vise to remove the race baskets but no go; dunking them in hot water to soften the plastic for easier removal did not work either. I then turned to an X-Atco knife to make an incision from the outer edge of the basket to the ferrule (being careful to not cut into the plastic lip on the ferrule above the basket). I then yanked them off with a pair of pliers. Popping the larger basket was straightforward. I wish I could have kept the race baskets intact but I was not able to do so. Does anyone have a better way that I should consider for the next time I have to do this?
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I just replaced my Swix Aurora composite pole baskets this evening because my old ones were ripped and it looked like the would soon fall off or be useless. 


I was able to twist them and pull them down by hand towards the tip, and the new ones were pretty easy to push up to the ring that stop them once the groves in the baskets were aligned with the ribs on the poles.  


I think it would have been easier to slide a thin regular screw driver tip between the upper stop ring and the top of the basket and pry the baskets down.  The reason they were tight is there is some type of screw or fitting that sticks out from the shaft underneath the thick part of the ski basket collar.  It looks like this fitting holds the lower tip on the shaft of the pole.


The new baskets came in a set with 2 of the smaller normal sized replacement baskets, and 2 of the larger snap on powder baskets for $15.  They were on a Swix products rack at the ski shop.

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i have been searching like mad for some "standard" baskets to replace the racing ones on my Swix poles.  Did you happen to buy a pair online?  I am looking for somethign that is a hybrid between the standard disc and a snowflake for some powder.  What does the standard ones you have look like?



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I replaced the race baskets with powder baskets on my Swix Mach ct1 poles by putting rock climbing shoes on and standing on the basket with the pole held upright. They popped right off, no problem.
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TJB1: I picked up the standard baskets on eBay for $10 + $2 shipping. They are in between the small race baskets and large snowflake baskets. I just Google'd the term "Swix standard basket" and got this: http://www.amazon.com/Swix-Alpine-Standard-Basket-Black/dp/B0043AH8OO

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I like the rock climbing shoe idea; I am glad to know that they will pop off with weight on 'em.

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Awesome, thanks!!

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Like a gaper, I bought my poles with ice baskets.  I've learned to use them, and bent the shit out of one, but I'm stil rockin them.

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Just an update, ran the tips under hot water for about 90 secs.  Then I stood on the edge of our treadmill and locked the basket between my shoes and pulled up.  Came right off with a bit of force, but worked none the less.  I broke my straight pole last year and just figured i would put a pow basket on my swix gs poles...maybe thats a weird thing to do, but o well....cheers

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