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Sox/Yanks, round one

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at fenway...

sox take 3 of 4.

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Nice comeback against Brown - didn't expect that from the bottom of the lineup. The one game I figured they would win (Lowe vs Contreras) they got smoked in too.
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If it was a playoff series I'd be encouraged. Until then...(yawn)!
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Originally posted by cattracksplat:
at fenway...

sox take 3 of 4.

Hey dipstick...its April. When the Sox finally do something in September (other than blow), then you can pipe up.

Shaddup yaself.
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read it one more time - well, two for you - and you'll see "ROUND ONE."

i'll say it again. ROUND ONE.

and rul, given your take, why do you keep "piping up" about the kings*? you shoulda put a sock in it a long time ago.

ROUND ONE, dolt. now go back to sleep.

* "Lakers punked. 4+ ft. of freshies...all is right in Norcal."

- by 'blo, 2/26

this one in particular, simply your most recent (as you know, counsel, there is great precedent), seems pertinent to your most recent "dipstik" comments, given the early optimism to which you so vehemently protest, as well as the kings lack of...well, anything, really.

whatever, foo'. talk to your sorry selph then. in september or whenever.


[ April 23, 2004, 06:47 AM: Message edited by: cattracksplat ]
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Didn't you know that "dipstick" is a term of respect? [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Heh. well, Round 2 starts tonight. Should be interesting.

BTW...Kings seem to have picked it up a bit; but I think it will be between the lake show and the spurs.
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Sweeeeeeeep..... how's that payroll working out for you guys btw?
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Man, that was brutal. The whole team was getting booed.

I bet Steinbrenner was in a good mood.
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