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OK - I must be unwell...

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For some weird reason I believed the leaflet in the information booth where the women sadi she would teach anyone to surf...

So I made the call & we had a chat & I enrolled in a learn to surf lesson....

& I stood up on my surf board!!! (not great by world standards but an amazing effort for me)

Warning - do not try this stuff - it is fully addictive!
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Was it in the water? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Yes epic it was [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Even in the SEA

Not really on waves - just the whitewash rolling in on a nice slowly shelving beach with sandbars.... so I could stand in water all the way out to take off spot.... & hold board still until we found a wave that would suit me...

This woman was GREAT - very patient & fully excited when I got something better than before...

BTW - we get fluoro yellow learners vests - so the good guys know to stay away - we have zip control...

The local swimmers seem to understand the vest things & cheered for me when I got up
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Way to go! So, the novice green sloped waves are clearly marked? When will you do the black diamond waves with surfers on both sides (faux chute style)?

Does this new found sport mean you won't be going to UK?

Oh, You're old email is defunct(?) Wanted to update you on good stuff with my son. I'll PM in a few days instead.
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email goes - just it overflows as I rarely get to empty it - try again...

No - off to UK - then back to surf - then ski here - then surf - then maybe back to UK ....

well I can dream it that way anyway [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hey guys. Don't mean to disrupt the conversation, but this conversation caught my eye. I've never been surfing before but would love to try it. I love the beach and swimming in the ocean. I am not sure how great my balance is! I think I'd like to try surfing out in CA in the pacific. I've never been there. Anyone ever tried that?
What is the water like in Australia disski? Are you near the Great Barrier Reef?
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Water was warm last time - next lesson is Sunday our time.... I'll fill you in...

Re the balance issue - mine is naturally a non-entity as I have a nerve function deficit....

If I could do it - you sure can!

Just get a good qualified instructor...

Pop over here for a holiday if you need to... Man from Oz lives near some good surf - he may show you around a bit - I'm off to UK soon
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lesson no 2 yesterday...

very strong rip... :

I have sore lower ribs ... ??? lying on a board paddling a lot????

Still fun...

Instructor in a comp at midday - so we had another instructor to take over from her when needed .... showed up the difference a great instructor makes...

second instructor person knew their stuff - but just not on a par with the first woman re teaching skills - especially the 'softer' skills - the more experienced one is VERY good at seeing all the small improvements her students make & commenting on them... also she makes sure to give feedback on as many runs as possible "That time you were better balanced when you got up" (but I fell off I say - yes but you got up better!)

I want to go again today - but alas no lesson for a fortnight because she is off competing again ...oh well - time to practice jumping up on the bed again
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oh well - time to practice jumping up on the bed again
I always thought that was the mans job

Yeh we got lots of surf, Diss is a mad women, wants to surf, ski and visit England all at the same time. Come to think of it that’s the road to the happy ruin we all aspire to.

When surfing, one cannot buy a lift ticket or priority wave, no matter their income or attitude. I like that. Come visit; we can start with drowning and move on to riding waves. [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]

Just like learning to ski
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Hey - if I want to jump on the bed I will - I don't CARE whose job it is SUPPOSED to be [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Yes I'm a mad woman - but then again that is hardly news is it? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

I'll skip the drowning thanks... just want to learn to surf :
I'll happily play trying to get up on my board in the whitewash with you & the junior surfing team though - it is a truely hilarious sight & I scream nearly as much as I did when I learnt to ski.... just you can't hear me with a mouth full of water... [img]redface.gif[/img]

Or was that Lilskeer you were offering to drown?
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Post a piccy of you on your surfboard, Dis!
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I have a surfski and that's enough for me. I'm scared of big waves, sigh. Our coast house is on a pretty good surf beach and it's quiet, but waves are scary. My surfski has a seat belt, too, so when you wiggle your bum, the whole craft wiggles with you.
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Originally posted by BonniB:
Post a piccy of you on your surfboard, Dis!
Sorry - they only lend it & the wetsuit to me for the lesson... (but hey - $25 a 2 hpur lesson with wetsuit & board is pretty good I think) ....

They give me a BIG one because there is so much of me to hold up in the water... & it is soft in case I hit myself in head with it... & foam on top so it is easier to stand on(less slippery)

Oh & it is a RED one
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yes - very sexy board...
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Ok - very old (I remember this from teenage years) surfing movie song for you Oz....

There’s no formula for happiness
That’s guaranteed to work
It all depends on how you treat your friends
And how much you’ve been hurt

But it’s a start
When you open up your heart
Try not to hide what you feel inside
Just open up your heart

There’s no dreamer who’s ever dreamed
And seen it all come true
Takes a lot of time & breaks
A lot of hearts to see an idea through
And love is just a simple word
Whose truth is easily lost
And sorry is said so easily
Nobody counts the cost

But it’s a start
When you open up your heart
Give your love to others they become your brothers
When you open up your heart
C’mon make a start
Try not to hide what you feel inside
Just open up your heart

There’s no formula for happiness
That’s guaranteed to work
No lover has ever been in love and not been hurt
No dreamer has ever dreamed and seen it all come true
In the end you’ll find the things that count
Are up to me and you

G Wayne Thomas (from Morning of the Earth soundtrack)
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: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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My husband learned to snowboard because he was a surfer a long time ago. Like an endless wave, he says.
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I'm sure - but I am resisting the temptation at snowboarding - I need arms to earn money & snowboarders do way to many collarbone & wrist injuries...
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I have been skiing for two seasons now and love it. However, my boyfriend has been skiing for several years (since the 7-8th grade and he is now 23!) and would like to try snowboarding.I am perfectly content with skiing, but it would probably be a fun experience to try snowboarding. It would be best to go when it is not very crowded. I am sure there woul be a lot of falling involved. Neither one of us has been surfing. I like skiing, because I am abl;e to move both of my legs. I am not so sure about the idea of having both of my legs attached to a board! I am not sure my balance is so great.
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Well water starting to feel cooler....
but not really cold yet....

Feet starting to be under me much more often.... & I am noticing when they are not & adjusting

Now to start to try to STAY up.... more often... & get some control of the situation...

Oh & Oz - learnt to get picked up by wave & DROPPED on head today... ooops... (we got dragged off in a rip & the wave hitting rip was different to what I expected & I didn't know what to do... got a lesson in it afterwards though)
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OK lilskeer - next update

Still in white wash

I can now get up on board & ride consistently....

Had a REALLY good ride today where I was SUPER well balanced & stayed that way whole ride.... instructor & I jumping up & down in water cheering afterwards....

This is really addictive -I was silly enough to go for a lesson at 9:30am when the air temp was <13C at noon & the wind was COLD.... & even sillier have backed up for another on Sunday at 8am same sort of weather forecast

You really should try this- FUN it is!!!
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