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Skiers Edge Machine

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How many times have owners out there had to replace there bands on the machine? Going on at least my fourth set in about six years of owning the piece of equipment....very frustrating and expensive. I use it a lot and like it but.....

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I've never had to replace the bands, and I bought mine used.  The bands are probably ten years old or more.  Maybe they made them better back in the day?

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I've had mine for something like 10 years and use it about 20 min/day several days a week between August and April and never had to replace the bands.

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I probably don't use mine as much as the OP, and have only replaced the bands once in 7 or 8 years.  The company says not do worry about slight discoloration, and do not clean the bands with solvents.  Just wipe off the dust with a clean cloth and replace the band when it starts to wear out.  I wish I could afford the new machine, but that will have to wait for now.  It is not like the old machine will ever wear out because it is basically indestructible.

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