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Mountain biking pics in Moab

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It was our first time there. If anyone is interested in looking at some pic's go HERE
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nice pics, FFH. good lighting and great colors in the terrain. how's the riding up in Fernie? ski hill side? coal creek side?

I'll be heading up your way for a weekend of riding as soon as it cleans up well enough to ride coal creek from the ridge. ooooohhhh, tasty.
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Well their still skiing for a couple more days on the ski hill side. I think it will be a couple, maybe 3 weeks yet before you can start riding up there. My son and his buddy rode Sidewinder yesterday and said there was still quite a few patches of snow. I'm waiting patiently.

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Just a headsup that sharon and I are planning to do a road trip - Waterton - Glacier - then down to Montana. You be around to play tour guide in July or so?
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you know it, Lee... you two can even stop by and see my framebuilding shop and ongoing operations. my last bit o' machinery (Nichols Hand Mill) is due to arrive on Mon 19th or Tues 20th (this month). that means I'll start building frames as soon as I've got the Mill in place and running.

there's so much great stuff to choose from around here, from smoothish long singletrack rides to rutty, rocky, rooty DH runs. won't much matter what bikes you two bring, as long as they're MTB and not road bikes.
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I miss riding my mountain bike. I am deff gonna get it out this summer. I am looking for a rack for a Jeep Wrangler. Any recommendations? I want to get a rack that I can put on the tire. I have a soft top.
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lilskeer - If you have a tow hitch, I would STRONGLY recommend Sportworks racks. I have one and it's awesome. It only takes 10 or so seconds to put your bike on and secure it, or take it off.

I have the Mod series, but I hear the transport series is also great.

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Thanks for the recommendation! I'm looking forward to getting my mountain bike out this summer, but can't take it very far away from the neighborhood without a rack.
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Gill: Thanks again for the rack info. I checked it out and it seems real substantial and real SAFE! I am trying to find out what kind of hitch to add to my Jeep Wrangler. Since I don't plan on towing anything, just using it for bikes and skis, is there a bumper, receiver hitch that you know of?
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