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Location: East Coast
Height 5'6, weight 160

Ability Level: Expert

Budget less than $700


Looking for something that's twin tip and handle 25% park and 75% groomers / moguls / ice.


I like making quick turns rather than long GS turns.  Something that I can do alittle bit of everything with from bombing straight down to taking my time on jumps (no rails) and moguls.


Here is what I was looking at with my research so far....



Solomon Twenty-Twelve 171, 123-91-116 $480 (numerous awards)
Solomon Lord Skiis 2012 169, Radius 15.4, 128-86-114, $389 (looks like a good deal)
Nordica El Paco 169, 124-87-114 $550
Atomic Vantage Panic 165, Radius 17, 121-87-112  $400
Line Prophet 85, 165, 118-85-108 $550 (not sure on the diff between the cronic and prophet)
Line Cronic 171, 121-92-117 $500
Armada El Rey 171, Radius 17.5, 121-85-111 $400 (looks too much like a beginner ski though)
Liberty Morphic 171, Radius 21, 126-94-119
Nordica Dead Money 170 Radius 18, 121-86-110 (supposed to be heavy is a minus)



Can you help me narrow this down or perhaps suggest something I haven't looked at?  Obviously I'm looking for the best ski for the value.


Thanks for your help,