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The Right Boots

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Hi.... I'm searching for new boots because my present boots (Solomon Inmpact 9, 26.5) in spite of altered liners on the spot of the instep, new Intuition liners molded at the instep, and incessant pounding of the shell, grinding the footbed, and heating the instep area of the lower shell are not working at all.  They are especially tight at the instep (yes, I use a thin sock and loosen the buckles) and my foot falls asleep after about 50 mins.


I'm looking at:

1. Head AdaptEdge boot, but my foot is not that wide and the last in the Head is 102-104 (my width is about 100-102);

2.  Technica Cochise (110 flex)

3.  Lang RX 110


Does anyone have any recommendations for any of these or one that is especially forgiving for high insteps?


I'm a 6-7 level skier (mostly on piste), age 63, 5'9", and shoe size 9.5D.  I prefer a boot flex of 110.


Thanks alot!!

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the cochise is tall in the instep.

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