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Big Heavy Skiier, growing up...maybe

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I and 6'2" (186cm) and weight about 112kg (246lb).


I have currently got a set of 2007 Salomon 3v Lab slalom skis (176cm) which have pretty much had it.  I bought them second hand a 4 years ago after coming back to skis having spent the last 10-15 years on a board.  My children are getting to an age where I am starting to take them with me, and I'd like to enjoy my time with them as well as when they are in lessons.  As much as I enjoy boarding, the thought of sitting on hard packed snow waiting for the juniors was enough to bring on piles.  Not only that, I would say I am now a convert again and will stay on skis.  It is close, but absolutely nailing a run carve to carve takes some beating.


I mainly stay on piste and enjoy hard carving down the mountain with the very occasional bit between the pistes. I was looking at all mountain skis, but really think that I am kidding myself thinking I will get to use the 'off piste' part of them very often.  especially with the next 6 years being fairly child focused.


The slalom skis are great, and I enjoy how focused and deliberate you have to be with them to make them work properly, but am looking for something a bit different.  Can anyone recommend a few to look at, as there are a bewildering array available but most reviews seem to be written by people who are 5'9" and 165lb.

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A random idea: volkl code
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Don't overthink this too much.  You'll need a longer ski than that 5'9" weenie, but the general characteristics noted by said weenie shouldn't change too much. 


Maybe a bit of info about where you ski?  East coast blue ice carver vs Rocky mountain packed powder mauler?  Your current ride at 176 cm seems a tad short.


Welcome to Epicski, Takson.

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Thank you SpikeDog,


I mainly ski Austria, Italy and some France, for 2 - 3 weeks per year.  It is mainly groomers


I was offered the Salomons for £250 from a work colleague who had only put about 2 weeks on them in 3 years while I worked out if I wanted to stay on a board or come back to skiing.  They were only meant to be a stop gap, but I got to like them.  They did bite back a bit at the start if you let your weight fall back but other than that, they have been great fun and have really got me carving nicely.


I do like the idea of something more versatile, but don't want to lose too much of the carving ability and to a certain extent the way you really need to work the ski to get the most from it.

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IceCookie,  Volkl code doesnt seem such a random idea.  they seem to have my name written all over them!

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yeah, Ive skied the Speedwall and its very friendly, with the tip rocker. Yet it handles well big loads and I always see it on websites

Kitzsteinhorn again sunny today smile.gif
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Volkls would work, also suggest you look at last year's Blizzard Magnum 8.1's, which can be had cheap around the web, and IMO are Volkls done right. Also if you want damper, Head Titan's. They have the radius and feel of a beefy carver, but 78 mm, will hold up to your size nicely. If you have the $$, Kastle MX78 will give you the carving chops, but bit more soft snow capability, unique smooth, precise feel. 

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